Women's Day, yet again !

Women’s day is not mother’s day. It is neither Valentines Day nor friendships day. It is for the empowerment of women in general and not just the ones at your home. In a country like ours, with a population of 12, 50,000,000, a loose judicial system and severe corruption; instilling discipline and ensuring execution of law is not easy. People are fearless. Laws are overlooked. Criminals walk free - shallow literates and arrogant illiterates. People who raise voices are taken care off. The common man is too busy trying to feed and entertain its own family. Safety for women just remains a concern.

 Let’s assume, just 1/4th of the population (far too less I know), 3,12,500,000  people are involved in crime and in support of crime in a hardcore patriarchal society, where women are put to shame, by men and women alike. When I say put to shame, I mean by the actions of other men and women who cannot wrap their heads around self-sufficient independent able woman in an urban or a rural context…

The Believer

The last I saw him, my last day of vacation at Kerala 2013, while saying our routine goodbyes, he hugged and gave me a peck on the cheek. Two minutes later, at the foot of the gate, he waved me a happy goodbye, chuckled and blew a flying kiss. This is an emotion most people who know him, won’t be able to relate to. Towards the end of his ninety years the strict Ex-Royal Navy persona changed into a happy proud childlike grandfather.
He was regimented, and had incredible respect for time. He was an avid reader, traveller, spiritual more than religious and a knowledge enthusiast. He was up-to-date in terms of general knowledge, technology [though he wasn’t well acquainted with how to use them, he knew what existed] and respected education and culture more than anything else. He wore kadhar, all white, starched and ironed. He always had a French beard, well kept, and white too. Even at 91, he made sure that he presented himself well at all times. To top it all, he owned an interesting ran…

Tag - weird Habits!

I've been wanting to get back to blogging lately, but I just can't figure how. I have a lot of thoughts running in my head but I guess, I've lost touch and also the knack of penning it down.
So I decided I start with a tag and eventually get the hang of writing again and keep 'em rolling.
I stole this one from ash's blog. :)
#1. What's a nickname only your family calls you? Strange!! I dont have a nickname...Anushree is cut short to anu, thats it! How innovative! *raised eyebrows*
#2. What's a weird habit of yours? I think of conversations in my head, witty know the kinds that can be scripted!?
#3. Do you have any weird phobias? Lizards - if they crawl aimlessly, I run aimlessly. Headless chicken kinda running - for life.
#4. What's a song you secretly LOVE to blast & belt out when you're alone? Maaaiii hearts a stereo, it beats for you so listen close, hear my thought and every no-o-ote Maaakkee me your radio, turn me up when you feel low, th…


Its been like really long that I have put my thoughts on paper or anywhere else... A lot of things are buzzing in my head and its just recently that I've realized that penning things down brings a certain perspective to life. My PHASE II in the blogger world is about to start. More than excited to start writing again. Its been like really REALLY long!

55 Fiction

I stood there, with no scope of movement. “Did you do it?” he asked.“I guess” she said.“Guesses? They barely work for me girl!”“It was difficult, I tried but..”A bullet passed through her chest. Blood splattered. She lay cold. He stared at the cold body and turned.

Death waited for me.

PS: My very first attempt @ 55 Fiction !

ATAJ Journalism Trophy (My entry)

CHANGING TIDES OF AN ARCHITECTURAL ERA (In PROPOSITION to the topic: Do all things urban have to be ugly too?)

Suffice to say, it is set in the future that Earth will be overcrowded and there’ll be no room to move. May be, the cities on our planet Earth would grow so much they would merge to create one big planet- sized city! With the ever hiking population crisis that we (the world) are facing, growth as a city, in terms of infrastructure and services becomes very critical. The revolution has started already. Overcrowding of cities has forced the planners to look beneath the land, beyond the shores and deep into the sky for space. Technology has facilitated them to exhaust this space and in turn, on a broader perspective, they’ve provided us with a junkyard of skyscrapers and convoluted stretches of transport ways.

Zoom into the city and take a walk down the main street; you’d see a story repeat on most of the main streets. Loud hoardings trying to grab attention; extremely congested ro…

Independent I be !~

I am not a patriot. I am not proudly claiming this fact but I have a feeling that I am not. The feeling can change. Given a choice, to die for the nation, I don’t think I would. I would love to see my nation as the world’s best. I don’t know how far I would contribute for it.Because I’ve never understood the whims and fancies of being number one, I’ve always believed in being unique and that, as a nation, we already are. I am not corrupt. Not yet. I don’t think I would be. It takes too much of planning and plotting and lying for things that has to be done in a crooked way – I can’t. I am way too lazy. I prefer doing things for a cleaner and safer neighborhood than a richer glitzy me. From a professional point of view, I think I am an Earth person.
I love the rich colors in our flag and the deeper meaning of it. I love our national anthem. I love it even more when shubha mudgal sings it. Also, the medley, they play before the movies (though I’ve always wondered why they play it then.)

I l…