Women's Day, yet again !

Women’s day is not mother’s day. It is neither Valentines Day nor friendships day. It is for the empowerment of women in general and not just the ones at your home. In a country like ours, with a population of 12, 50,000,000, a loose judicial system and severe corruption; instilling discipline and ensuring execution of law is not easy. People are fearless. Laws are overlooked. Criminals walk free - shallow literates and arrogant illiterates. People who raise voices are taken care off. The common man is too busy trying to feed and entertain its own family. Safety for women just remains a concern.

 Let’s assume, just 1/4th of the population (far too less I know), 3,12,500,000  people are involved in crime and in support of crime in a hardcore patriarchal society, where women are put to shame, by men and women alike. When I say put to shame, I mean by the actions of other men and women who cannot wrap their heads around self-sufficient independent able woman in an urban or a rural context. The issues faced in both context share a few similarities, which are suffered by suppressed women and also, men supportive of these women. So clearly, it is not men against women. Also, every profession practiced in our country has a high percentage of stereotypical moronic mindsets that dirties the way their family is bred and brought up. Suffice to say, it’s neither a fight between literates and illiterates. 

I wonder why we Indians are so proud about unity in diversity. Maybe we can take credit for diversity but just because countless castes, creeds, religions, etc survive here doesn't mean it’s united. People take offense on religious sentiments but not on humanitarian grounds. Our discrimination has taken away the humane sense of being and it’s about time we realize that. Indian society has lost its charm. Indian culture today, is nothing to be proud about. Indian traditions and ancestors are no where understood or respected. If most issues in our country revolve around sanskaar and sankriti, then I think moral education should be our prime focus.

Media is one element that can help people think, and provide perspective to the stubborn Indian society. It can be the essential food for thought if the right material is provided in daily dosage. Television today shows what people what to see – drama, the suppressed Indian woman fighting her way, love that’s never openly accepted and how to become marriage material 101. The quality of television sagas in any language is depressing.  News channels show rubbish. Debates with Arnab, though strong, cannot be heard. And now, when people have started to express their concerns through documentaries, comedy, movies, literature or any form of art, they are banned. In any country if the content of art is restrained, I think it will put an end to the culture/society debate all at once. There will be no growth. There will be no tolerance if there is no provocative art.

This women’s day, let’s begin by focusing on empowering woman and not just appreciating them.  Let’s not put women on pedestals, and congratulate them just because they are women. If you are a strong independent person yourself, woman or man alike, inspire ten others, donate to any foundation, educate your maid, convince your parents to not give/take dowry, encourage your wife to take up a job, teach your daughters to stand up for themselves or enlighten your parents about the changing world. Start from home, your family, your relatives, your friends - for the love for women. #makeithappen #respectforeveryone

PS: Disgrace to the society ! This is disturbing. Imagine there are atleast 50% like these to say the least. And its not 50% of men alone, women are equally responsible for the sorry state of society. 


Anonymous said…
I feel what you say... To that hopeful day... and oh yeah, its been a while since u wrote here :)

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