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My New Year's Resolutions:

1.Learn a few dance forms… basics atleast… salsa, jive, ball room dancing waltz may be.

2.GIVE UP ON JUNK… esp vada pav, and anything with pav… no pizza… no fries (burger occasionally.. when out for study tours; lays once in a while.)

3.Learn how to swim. (glob…glob ..glob)

4.Don’t care to back answer or completely ignore the people whom you don’t like and who bitch about you.

5.Make at least one classic canvas painting.

6.Solve one Sudoku each day.

7.Spend the scholarship money sensibly… 15 grands to dad n mom… rest 2.7.. DO NOT WASTE ON CRAPPY STUFF.

Heyy folks …happy New Year!!...

Well I’m having hell of a time here at home with kittu, hobbi, pooh and brandy in my room… and then would be having dinner with my mom and dad and would be watching some awards that happening on star one (sajid khans hosting its veeerryy funny!) Yeah my new years at home… and its gonna be like any other day with my snow white teddy- kittu, my darling doggy brandy(soft toy again), hobbi the tiger(do I need to mention it’s a soft toy? :P) and and my ten year old teddy pooh… hes just say 15/15 cms… shrunk twice its size after I washed it nicely! :) .I mean I prefer spending time this way rather than with an uncomfortable group of ‘friends’(I have met the biggest grp of “fake it till you make it” kinda ppl this batch at college!) and faking it. (All close ones either having family get-together or are partying outside!! And if at all I get a chance to go outside like in a pub or something… trust me I would be the most uncomfortable jerk EVER! )Well at home it used to be fun… our fam…
POETRYI am not just a simile.Or like a metaphor should be.I’m not just a few alliterations,Or Rhythmic rhyming confessions!I am divine, I am profound,Thought emotions and sound.It aint strange you relate to me,It’s the common man that jots me down.When I’m given human quality,You say I’m personified.Do human have qualities,That it’s worth being dignified!?Thy Lord wrote blank verse,Hardly people understand.The jingles are way much fun,Aint it fun to rhyme?Everybody’s a poet,There’s a speck of my element in all.
After the course of discovering my own self,I know what I want at last!But then my heart prompts me,The glimpses of the past.My thoughts create a melody,
That leads one into song.And then we sing togetherAnd call it our own.My hearts kinda stuck somewhere,Though it beats the same.I wonder how things would be,If it remained unchanged.My mind is full of images,
Memories from the past.
Even though moved on in life,
Those feelings seem to last.But now I know what I want,what I do and how I act.My spirits reaching out for the stars,Dealing the world with mere tact!I dream a million dream,If only one come true I pray to thee,Is to live my life my way,My way, my style, live it just as me.


I sit alone and wonderabout the things that makes me ponder 'bout the people from whom I learn how to remain calm and tactiturn 'bout what makes me sensitive and mime
and the hardest nut at the same time 'bout what I believe, dream and seek
for something, that gives me hope and faith, even though the chances are bleak 'bout feelings that should remain deep inside
which wont be given much importance if let outside 'bout love and its consequences
its distance, boundaries and fences 'bout giving up and letting go
neglecting the feelings that would make me low or 'bout fighting for what might have a chance for it to flourish and enhance And about what makes me different Different, from infinite souls that fret Different, in some way that makes me proud Different, from being a dot in the crowd.