06 March, 2010


I observe people. I might be spotted shamelessly staring at both the sexes in a way that would make them uncomfortable and of course, make me deliver an absofreakinglutely awkward smile when I realize what I’ve been doing.
It is very difficult to generalize a topic so cosmic especially when every statement that follows has a contradicting specimen running in your head. Since I’m more of a personality over looks kinda person, I present to you qualities, actions, expressions and gestures in men, not necessarily ‘a’ type that fall into a certain age group but an assortment of things that give a faint smile or to say the least, please the mind, things i like to come across while observing men. Simple things they do, that knowingly or unknowingly showers them with all the attention they don't grasp!

MEN are cool. There is a certain level of chilled, laid back attitude in the way they talk, walk, respond to things even though they think and analyze pretty quick. They might be dirty freaks of first order but there’s always something very cool about them. I’ve listed down a few things I love about men; most of them observed in and around college premises.

Guys who shamelessly fool around with random strangers and intelligently play well with their personality and cute looks. The content on their faces when they get smiles, signs and signals in return – priceless!

The posture wherein he’s sitting on the floor or at a low height, legs apart, hands clasped with elbows resting on the knees and torso bent forward. (refer picture may be with a kunal kapoor or hrithik roshan in it LOL)

A man with a heavy voice with lots of bass and clarity in it and let say to go with that a well maintained shabby stubble look - s.e.x.y ;-)

To see a guy silently observe a woman, and pass faint smiles very very s.e.x.y. :-)

They might speak all the trash in the world about the opposite sex, but to know that the trash talk was only confined to their brotherhood and in reality they do actually respect woman and treat women well - Thumbs Up.

A tall broad guy hugging anything smaller than him! – Double Thumbs UP! [ The best feeling EVER!]

Men turned up in formals – thumbs Up from the entire gang of girls! ;)

And very generally speaking
to watch a guy with a prominent jawline eat! (watch brad pitt : oceans’)
Veins bursting our of their forearm (atheletes/ sportsmen) or their gullet when they sing or even when they get angry,
Big rough hands (you could use them like a pillow.. That comfortable!) to list a few.

All of this might sound overly fairly tale-ish, 'only-in-your-dreams' or 'are-you-from-the-same-world-where-I-am-from' kinds, but I do know enough men with these qualities to get me back to reality! Glad to have friends n folks like them!
Also, there might be other zillion things that woman like about men, I'm not talking about the cologne they wear or their eyes or hair or anything, its more of what they do, way they talk, talk, listen, their body language...
and if you have any peculiar things to add, you can shower all of that in the comments section!

*Cheers!* ;-)