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On weddings and smiles

I believe in love marriages, not that all of them work, but its got an edge when you know what you are falling into. And at least for a split second in your life you are the happiest.
Weddings are supposed to be for merry making. That’s why you invite people, to join and share your happiness. I wonder ‘the delight’ is ever shared in mallu marriages (hindu - haven’t been a spectator to others yet). It seems as if ‘m being subjected to high order of a practical joke.
If I elaborate shortly ( :| lazy as I can be), well, a day before the wedding the groom’s sister come to the brides place and adorns her with a few heavy gold bangles and gives her a set of clothes to be worn the next day. The house is full of relatives (which is the only part I like, relatives you know, dont know, should know, you think you know, EVERYBODY!) and then we move on to dinner. What’s there for dinner is somehow more imperative and, surprisingly, is what that is talked about aftermath. Ah, how can I miss, the phot…