25 September, 2009

That lovey dovey feeling

Late night strolls ...

a bigger figure to cuddle into ...

to have exactly same turn offs...

to mess around like friends do ...

to share weird fantasies ...

of doing wrong and feeling right ....

of being watched; detail to detail ...

of silence being over-whelmed by long deep breaths ...

or for a thought of him to weigh more than a million others present ...

I really wonder what falling in love would feel like. Especially when almost everyone you know have discovered it, others you dont know are showing it and people like my own self are no where in the vicinity.

It doesn’t matter if it lasts for an year, a month, a week, hour, few minutes or may be a moment

for, "some things are like skywriting, a really beautiful thing that lasts just a couple of moments and then … .. . "

I blame cute hollywood flicks for making me feel like this... they make things seem oh-so-perfect!

Ps: : I’m suffering from brain freeze,

here’s the 'heart' signing off. =)

Pps: aaaahhhh that cupid, that f***ing little punk.. Hate him so much. ~x(

05 September, 2009

Come Play!

A 10 second long stare, a smile, an ‘oh-‘m-sorry’ or an ‘excuse me’ drives him crazy to an infinitive. He likes her and she knows it. She is in a relationship with some other guy and claims to be committed but nevertheless, grabbing attention, exchanging glances or may be doing something absolutely atypical wouldn’t come to an end.


He knows apathetic eating habits infuriates and worries her. A minor tiff is all it takes for him to starve and get her back to his life.


Not answering her call for more than a week would wreck her state of being. Why not make her miss me and gain my mighty importance in her life!?!


Protagonist :: Her …………… Victim : Him

Most women act dumb and pretend to be ‘miss ignorant’. I really don’t understand whats the fun in proving yourself as the fool but I presume there should be something, for a larger cluster to be that way! So, there’s Miss Ignorant and her toy, knight in shining armor, comes to her rescue and showers her with all the damn intelligence. She plays the cards right, drives him crazy with her moves and keeps him on his toes. And when the going gets tough, the tough gets going! He ultimately turns into this crazy majnu of previous centuries, when she’s a 'fastrack' girl. According to myths, majnu has to go fanatical and voila! he does in this case too.She can get him to do anything for her and worse, he does it!


Protagonist : Him ……………. Victim : Her

Tables turn, and he’s the fastrack guy and she, the laila. Most men who play, are foxes of first order! Every move, every sentence and every single gesture is rehearsed, re-rehearsed and so on. He gets emotionally attached to her, no matter how long it takes. Floored by his charm and spontaneity(*rolls eyes*), she’s attracted towards him and eventually becomes an emotional fool as planned. Meaningless trust and words are all given and taken, nothings left except for sad messages and missed calls.


Mind games, sounds needlessly vicious and they are fun but only when you are the player. We all at some point, consciously or otherwise, mess with others mind.

I observe most of this in college coz you have an incredible assortment of Adam n Eve, Laila Majnu, Edward Bella, Dharmedra Hema and the new age fastrack girl and guy with all possible permutations combinations and extensive drama - action plus a massive load of cribbing that follows aftermath!

There’s one set that smirks at their achievement – proud winners , one - that takes off with endless cribbing and one - who’s been a spectator to all of this crap!

I agree there’s some amount of excitement when you play aankh micholi ….

but do you realize when fun element turns serious? Or do you purposely let it linger coz you have nothing to lose?

I could never clarify these with my friends coz none of them accepts they play such games!

I'm the third party here, I know they do!