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I am known for my worst timing, be it at home, college, trains, anywhere… wrong place, wrong time, wrong expression. My expression on the face and mind are absolutely tangent. Its good to some extent, considering my timing, I could’ve have easily been smacked by people like a million times. I even laugh when I know its wrong to. =| My equation at home is sort of normal. I don’t talk much. My behavioral pattern if observed is very discreet. So people (the mom, the dad) basically don’t know what all I know and what I don’t. They think I’m pretty dumb in things remotely related to the crazy hormone stuff and others (yeah right!)For eg: a few months back my mom asked me if I know what ‘rape’ meant. To which I subtly nodded a yes without looking at her though my mind was blaring that my gyaan attained soaring heights in 7th grade alright… I know what these tiny words mean! *rolls eyes* The key here is the awkward silence that prevails. The clash at times is so freaking-ly unbelievable!****…