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After having an utterly stressful week at college… I thought of taking a break and going for a movie after god-knows ages, the last movie being Rock-ON!!! !! .. So departing totally tired and lifeless from college I went for the noon show. We decided upon watching LuckByChance. Farhan Akhtar playing the lead role, we expected him to be as natural as he was in the previous movie and to my surprise it was. Actually this movie should’ve been named as rock on 2!! The first movie was musical and the next exceedingly dramatic and OBVIOUS!! It’s the same Farhan, no change in character this was a mere sequel! The story goes like this. The first 45 mins of the movie is interestingly stoopid and not at all well executed. They try(real bad) to mock whatever happens behind the screens and how people sweet talk and bitch about the ones they hate. A bunch of A grade actors’ are swapped constantly between frames and each ones character, an utter hyperbole. I really don’t know whether this twaddle is…

Best Visual Art - Graffiti

"Graffiti is revolutionary, in my opinion, and any revolution might be considered a crime. People who are oppressed or suppressed need an outlet, so they write on walls—it’s free."– Terrance Lindall, executive director of the Williamsburg Art and Historic Center“I refer to them as vandals, because that is what they are. Make no mistake, they are not artists. Vandals are not interested in artistic expression, or social commentary, all they care about is getting their ‘ups’ all over the city.” -Lieutenant Mona, Anti-Graffiti Task Force.Top 5 thing to be graffiti-ed in my city (acc to me) :Bridge railings Hoardings(who reads them anyways!.. it will be nice to look at!)Sign Boards (no parking/ speed limit/speed breakers!)Mumbai locals (any day better than blue/yellow/red/orange reliance posters!)College compound wallsI am writing about graffiti 'coz i was browsing through a few articles and I came across extremely negative opinions about the same. It was completely misunders…


Had written this when I felt like its been ages since I smiled. Just thought of a few things I like.. a few things I appreciate and a few observations that makes my mind smile and felt like penning them down.. it doesnt take much to be happy! :-)

How often do we observe,Idyllic green curves.Magnificence of nature,Weird creatures.Our panoramic viewMakes us feel we have but fewOften we forget,Our minds happy even by a miniscule!Fragrance of fresh flowers,Aroma after morning showers,Smell of the wet ground,Listening to the heart beats pound.A pup struggling to climb a step,Or searching a bead in a room unkempt,An ant trying to find its way,On tiles that all look the same.Looking for a friend in utter mayhem,Or walking with them in complete rhythm,Singing favorite songs together,Or humming tunes totally muddled.Though not a shriek of joy,The soul’s gratified.

TAG...(tanu, nikhil and dr. pragya pls pay attention)

i have no idea what this tagging is.. :| and no idea at all about the people 'm taging. So probably, this can help a little.. :-)
I tag: Dr. Pragya Bajaj Tanu Anand Nikhil
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1. If your lover betrayed you, what would be your reaction?
Sad..Sulk..Get over..Move on.. (i wish i could do the latter.. but these are the things i know i should be doing.. its just difficult!)

2. If you have one dream which could come true, it would be?
To live my life my way, my way, my style just as me!!~ ;-)

3.Who is more blessed-loving someone or being loved by someone?
Loving someone and being loved by the same one wou…

Going down the well of hopelessness...

Today, I feel hopeless. I feel irritated and absolutely uncomfortable with myself. I’m fucking moody. I’m screwing up and messing around with time. I‘m finding it really hard to manage everything. I have taken up a few responsibilities in college with are incomplete. I am not yet done with the layout of the house. I haven’t spoken to my school friends for quiet long now. I have met my college friends for even long being in the same city. My friends are fucking annoyed with me. I am not up-to-date with my academics. I feeling terrible coz I’m disappointing one of my fav profs coz of not producing final work. I haven’t chatted casually with my family. I haven’t mailed my brother. Lost touch with my cousins. Lost touch with other good friends online. I have a few chores to do for myself. I had to buy a hard disk and a pen drive. I don’t go out an freak out with my present coll friends. Just because I feel am wasting time inspite of having so many things to do. I had to go for shopping bu…

Love You, Daddy

So, finally i can post in this. wasn't allowing me to do the same! *Thank you seno!!.. love ya*
Surprise at 12...a huge success … coz the family bell gave him a feeling that bhai had come (it kinda pinched me at that time.. coz ob v bhai cant come down from US... that would've completely flabbergasted him... *sighs* ..just showed how much he missed bhai :-))

Cake cutting ceremony and bhaiyya’s call… *Delightful treat*(the cake was yummmm)

Dad slept.. set the alarm at 4.30(normal wake up time for him)

Took a green file card and penned the golden lines

I dint have any of my stationary with me… I was working on a grp submsn at my frnds place left all my stuff there… all I had was a red marker, a few sad sketch pens so I thought of working with eye liner pencils and lip liners ;-)

This took time .. so I changed the alarm to 5.30 :D … LOL

Made a frame like thing out of thermocol and painted it with eye/lip liners.

Arranged the table with all the stuff… and golden net …

Eve of My dads 60th birthday....

Planning for my dad’s birthday has always been fun. Why, cause’ he already knows that theres a surprise. So now there’s no surprise but a curiosity.. What this time!? :D .. Well this time as well the surprise is a big time flop coz there’s this hustle and bustle in the house and my dad gets to know it all the time!!.. And now being the 60th birthday… it’s like a regular thing… happens every damn birthday… Beginning of jan the house is crazy!! Also, my dear mom is very close to being worst when it comes to keeping secrets. If I tell her all that we(my bro n i) are planning… the surprise gone already ..and the itsy bitsy curiosity that exists is murdered! =)) So, here’s the plan: *evil grin*I bought a cake(Swiss cake) and a bunch of flowers(purple orchids and white something.. I dunno what those long white flowers are called ) and a note (aspecial surprise for a special person) and left it at my best buddy (vaishakhs) place .. he should place itat the doorstep obv at 12.. and ring the …