30 January, 2009


After having an utterly stressful week at college… I thought of taking a break and going for a movie after god-knows ages, the last movie being Rock-ON!!! !! .. So departing totally tired and lifeless from college I went for the noon show. We decided upon watching LuckByChance. Farhan Akhtar playing the lead role, we expected him to be as natural as he was in the previous movie and to my surprise it was. Actually this movie should’ve been named as rock on 2!! The first movie was musical and the next exceedingly dramatic and OBVIOUS!! It’s the same Farhan, no change in character this was a mere sequel!

The story goes like this. The first 45 mins of the movie is interestingly stoopid and not at all well executed. They try(real bad) to mock whatever happens behind the screens and how people sweet talk and bitch about the ones they hate. A bunch of A grade actors’ are swapped constantly between frames and each ones character, an utter hyperbole. I really don’t know whether this twaddle is for real or the bollywood is truly this thick or all of it was over embellished but it really was making me cranky and restless. This nonsense was stretched to the utmost that you’ll pull your hair down (in my case.. had a great time shouting sarcastically funny comments with friends entertaining ourself and others!!)

Anyways, a very ambitious struggler(!), Vikram(Farhan) from delhi lands in Mumbai to become a star (predictable!!).. next his friends are shown related to the same field in different aspects and advices/ criticizes/ feels jealous (typical drama that happens between friends) of him. Their neighbor(konkana) another struggler(!!!) keeps doing side roles and in time gets really close with vikram(after a coulpe of days they both go to the supermarket together and a day after that sleeps next to each other.. :P). Anyways shes got high hopes of becoming a superstar one day. The man who always gives her hopes for the same cheats her and she ends up giving vikrams photographs to him hoping if not for her he might come across a role for him. Hell yeah he does!!! He gets the lead role in a movie along with a new actress niki (isha) and they get along really well during the shoot and again flirts and sleeps with her. On the other hand, konkana deems she n him are together! (OMG.. whatever happens to bollywood! By this time I was actually ~x( )Later they write crap about them in the magazines and that creates tension between a lot of people.

In the end, Vikram realizes what he’s doing (coz he comes across shah rukh who tells him that no matter how famous or how badly stardom hits you, you should never forget the people who knew you when you were nothing!.. Thanks shah rukh we really needed that for the movie to come to an end!), apologizes to konkana who forgives but doesn’t get back with him. She gets into the TV soaps and an actress(perfect).. and the movie end with that. Frankly speaking the last 45 mins of the movie was good.

Songs will make you cry :( OMG! (excepting one though)!.. S-E-L disappointing, Farhan, Konkana, Hrithik, Blah Blah Blah disappointing.

All in all a painful dissatifaction and a sheer waste of money!

I rate this a 1.5 on 5.


25 January, 2009

Best Visual Art - Graffiti

"Graffiti is revolutionary, in my opinion, and any revolution might be considered a crime. People who are oppressed or suppressed need an outlet, so they write on walls—it’s free." – Terrance Lindall, executive director of the Williamsburg Art and Historic Center

“I refer to them as vandals, because that is what they are. Make no mistake, they are not artists. Vandals are not interested in artistic expression, or social commentary, all they care about is getting their ‘ups’ all over the city.” -Lieutenant Mona, Anti-Graffiti Task Force.

Top 5 thing to be graffiti-ed in my city (acc to me) :

Bridge railings

Hoardings (who reads them anyways!.. it will be nice to look at!)

Sign Boards (no parking/ speed limit/speed breakers!)

Mumbai locals (any day better than blue/yellow/red/orange reliance posters!)

College compound walls

I am writing about graffiti 'coz i was browsing through a few articles and I came across extremely negative opinions about the same. It was completely misunderstood and it kinda pinched me.

Graffiti, for me, is an art form, something that is creative, innovative and raw. It may be because I hail from that stream. Mind you, for budding designers/designers, any form of art work hugs and welcomes you to a realm of new thoughts and ideas. Hence, I find graffiti or street graffiti very pioneering. Even though its renaissance graffiti, it has the touch that makes it NEW AGE. It’s something that used to be conducted in an absolutely atypical way (scratches and letters) which now has merged and altered to walls, spray paints and the-hip-hop-touch. Graffiti now, speaks to the youth first. Its bold, back-in-your-face, attractive and completely stylized. When it is on the walls, you can actually feel the freedom by which the artist has drawn. It’s not even half as close to painting on the canvas. Canvas is abstract and sensitive, graffiti is witty.

It’s somehow become the way to vent frustration about social and political issues. And especially when it’s related to such a subject, a subject that might hit them right under their belly, might actually make them realize, a subject that becomes offensive and critical. That’s when it becomes vandalism. As a result, these days’ graffiti is clamped under vandalism. It brings out highly polarized reactions from the urban dwellers. It’s “vulgar”,” flashy” and “obnoxious” it seems. Really? I don't understand why and how can’t an artist be a vandal? How about the early art and sculptures? Fairly decent and ‘cultured’ is it? It takes time to get accustomed to some change. At least these would be weird enough to make you stop and think.

Imagine a city totally graffiti-ed… the buildings, the streets, the walls, the hoardings, the signs, software companys, schools, commercial buildings!!... That’s when it’ll be a problem. What say?

Graffiti - a blessing in disguise?


14 January, 2009


Had written this when I felt like its been ages since I smiled. Just thought of a few things I like.. a few things I appreciate and a few observations that makes my mind smile and felt like penning them down.. it doesnt take much to be happy! :-)

How often do we observe,

Idyllic green curves.

Magnificence of nature,

Weird creatures.

Our panoramic view

Makes us feel we have but few

Often we forget,

Our minds happy even by a miniscule!

Fragrance of fresh flowers,

Aroma after morning showers,

Smell of the wet ground,

Listening to the heart beats pound.

A pup struggling to climb a step,

Or searching a bead in a room unkempt,

An ant trying to find its way,

On tiles that all look the same.

Looking for a friend in utter mayhem,

Or walking with them in complete rhythm,

Singing favorite songs together,

Or humming tunes totally muddled.

Though not a shriek of joy,

The soul’s gratified.

Happiness is something one discovers,

With time that passes by.

13 January, 2009

TAG...(tanu, nikhil and dr. pragya pls pay attention)

i have no idea what this tagging is.. :| and no idea at all about the people 'm taging.
So probably, this can help a little.. :-)

I tag:
Dr. Pragya Bajaj
Tanu Anand

(Don't let me know if yu've been tagged coz others in my list have been tagged already :P :D.. LOL..ch33rz \m/ )

RULE 1: People who are tagged must write their answers to the tag and change any question they like.
RULE 2: Tag 3 people and they cannot refuse to do this tag. They must write who tagged them and cannot tag that person again. Continue the game. And I hope it will be sheer fun.

1. If your lover betrayed you, what would be your reaction?

Sad..Sulk..Get over..Move on.. (i wish i could do the latter.. but these are the things i know i should be doing.. its just difficult!)

2. If you have one dream which could come true, it would be?

To live my life my way, my way, my style just as me!!~ ;-)

3.Who is more blessed-loving someone or being loved by someone?

Loving someone and being loved by the same one would be like God showering flowers from heaven or hell!!!.. lol.. the criteria is loving and being loved by the same person.. aahhh... fairy tale life *dream with eyes wide open*

4. Can you fall in love with your best friend ?
No ..but. i can fall in love and then be the best friend! /)

5. How long would you wait for someone you love?
I can wait for a very long time if i feel hes worth it ...coz with time yu might feel that fellow is an absolute jerk.. and also if i find a better person .. i'l move on..

6. If the person you like is secretly attached, what would you do?
I will wait for him to confess... kick his balls .. and walk off .. lmao =))

7. If you could root for one social cause, what would it be?
Fight against animal abuse..actually i do that regularly.. i abuse people who abuse animals ..woof woof .. lol

8. What according to you is blogger in denial?
blogger in denial.. well.. ahem.. i dunno! :-/.. is it someone being critical of his or others blog?

9. What’s your fear ?
My future.. not professionally(i know m gonna rock professionally 8-).. i hope this enthusiasm lingers )

10. What colour are your socks now?

Socks.. Why?? :-/(black top and military green shorts.. will that help? :P )

11. What are you listening to now?
Your Gaurdian angel - TRJA

12. What takes you down fastest?
Lack of mannerisms, wanna-bes, 'to potray something you are not' - i feel like beating the shit outta them!!.. till they talk, walk, act properly! ~x(

13. Which one do you prefer - ice-cream or chocolate?
CHOCOLATES - WHITE CHOCOLATE to be more precise.. *drool*

14. What would you do with a billion dollars?
one billion dollars... go arnd the world.. buy a land cruiser.. donate to an old age home.. buy regular food for the street dogs .. shopping.. buy a dog.. buy a new house for myself and the dog..(mom wont let the dog /me in with the dog LOL).. buy gifts fr friends.. buy antique paintings.. buy gold(investment ..lmao)..buy a cotton candy actually the whole stall =)) ..go on a roadtrip ... WHATVER.. i wont be spending it all in a day/week/month!! .. and year.. may be:-? ..just may be ohk! .. lol

15. What was the last thing you ate?

i had one small chocolate *bliss* (thats the name of the choki :P.. hehe)

16. How old are you today?
'm 18 ... bawls out loud to the people who call me a kiddo .. YOU HEARD ME... I AM EEIIGGHHTTEEEEENN!! *coughs*

17. How do you vent out your anger?
i get angry in microsecs but i dont vent it that often.. but once i lose it am cranky, very rude, sarcastic and have the get-off-my-way-else-i'll-knock-you-off look.. and i scold EVERYBODY (friends..strangers..wanna-bes.. i say thing right on their face.. people who spit, who honk too much.. hit animals.. libraian for saying shhh too often to ruin the already existing silence..ladies who sit at the door of the local trains.. EVERYBODY gets an essence of my anger) for a couple of days until m calm.. *my rage matches with that of the bull* get the hint? ;-)

18. Favourite toy as a child?
My Teddy bear .. why as a child.. even now thats my favourite :D

18. Favorite season?

I like winters.. and also fall (fall colors actually) though not experienced a typical fall season.

19. When was the last time you cried?
Couple of days back... [no one knows 'm crying... i dont like people sympathising me so i prefer not to burst out in front of others]

20. Who is the friend you have had the longest?
I have had friends since nursery :D.. n m still pretty close to them.. maya and mamta (twins) .. love them >:D<

21. What did you do last night?
i went on party ..freaked out and got drunk and :P ..lol..
Was working on a fucking boring submission..lmao =))

22. Favorite day of the week?

FRIDAYYY!! .. end of the week.. ultimate!! :-)

23. Diamond or pearl?
I dont approve of jewelery's that much... i love junk stuff though.. n i love the color of platinum.. elegant!

24.Would you be single & rich or married & poor ?
Rich and single!

25.What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
Hit the snooze button ..sleep for 5 more minutes...15...25...45...60 OHHHHHH SHIIIITTTT!! =))

26.If you fall in love with two people simultaneously, whom would you pick?
I dont think i'l ever fall in a situation like this.. but if i do.. i'l pick the one who loves me more..wont have a prob confessing and telling me everything very freely.. considering how guys keep the girl guessing!! .. i HATE GUESS WORK!

27.Would you give all in a relationship ?

YES. (For how long .. cant say.. depends on how mutual the feelings are.)

28.What’s eating you now ?
My habbit of procrastination and my pathetic time management skills.

29.Do you prefer being single or in a relationship?

In a relationship (real..good relationship) which makes me feel i'm still single(not emotionally).. in terms of do's and dont's :P.. i wanna be a free bridie .. ;-).

30. Your opinion of 3 bloggers who you are going to tag and the one who tagged you.

Nabila: Gorgeous, Sensitive, Sensible.. perfect example of beauty with brains. :-)

Whom I tagged:
Dr. pragya .. nice writer.. and no idea at al.. m sorry :| :(

Tanu.. i guess adventurous, naughty, carefree :-?.. are yu? :D

Nikhil.. funny, witty, confused, :-??

10 January, 2009

Going down the well of hopelessness...

Today, I feel hopeless. I feel irritated and absolutely uncomfortable with myself. I’m fucking moody. I’m screwing up and messing around with time. I‘m finding it really hard to manage everything. I have taken up a few responsibilities in college with are incomplete. I am not yet done with the layout of the house. I haven’t spoken to my school friends for quiet long now. I have met my college friends for even long being in the same city. My friends are fucking annoyed with me. I am not up-to-date with my academics. I feeling terrible coz I’m disappointing one of my fav profs coz of not producing final work. I haven’t chatted casually with my family. I haven’t mailed my brother. Lost touch with my cousins. Lost touch with other good friends online. I have a few chores to do for myself. I had to buy a hard disk and a pen drive. I don’t go out an freak out with my present coll friends. Just because I feel am wasting time inspite of having so many things to do. I had to go for shopping but I don’t have time for that as well. So basically, I’m doing something regularly and am totally busy but I haven’t completed any of my tasks. NOT ONE. ~x(

And sanwiched between these are stupid movies reminding me of my past making me low again. Cant even sulk peacefully coz then i remember that i have to work and i cant waste time on things that i cant do anything about. And these fucking mood swings of mine are making it even more difficult for me to concentrate on anything. I’m annoyingly cranky right now and lack of sleep is making it worse!!I really need to learn how to manage time immediately in like a day or something!! ~x(

*breathes heavily*

04 January, 2009

Love You, Daddy

So, finally i can post in this. blogger.com wasn't allowing me to do the same!
*Thank you seno!!.. love ya*

Surprise at 12...a huge success … coz the family bell gave him a feeling that bhai had come
(it kinda pinched me at that time.. coz ob v bhai cant come down from US... that would've completely flabbergasted him... *sighs* ..just showed how much he missed bhai :-))

Cake cutting ceremony and bhaiyya’s call…
*Delightful treat* (the cake was yummmm)

Dad slept.. set the alarm
at 4.30 (normal wake up time for him)

Took a green file card and penned the golden lines

I dint have any of my stationary with me… I was working on a grp submsn at my frnds place left all my stuff there…
all I had was a red marker, a few sad sketch pens so I thought of working with eye liner pencils and lip liners ;-)

This took time .. so I changed the alarm to
5.30 :D … LOL

Made a frame like thing out of thermocol and painted it with eye/lip liners.

Arranged the table with all the stuff… and golden net dupatta.

Again changed the alarm
to 6 .. =))

At 5.45 .. I lit the candles, took photographs and hit the sack…

At 9.30, I was woken up by dad and he said he loved it all esp the fact that I managed all by myself and gave me a peck :-) …
(can’t tell you guys how proud hw I felt for getting appreciated like that!! my chest swelled with content) *gulp.. sounds weird but who cares!.. _|_ LOL*

He had tears in his eyes.. when he read the cards, the poem, in the candle lights..
(memories *sighs*)

After that, he was just looking at those photos and talking about them.. each one randomly
(I So wanted that to happen!! ... Cherishing one year at a time.. from 1960 ... )

Opened the gifts and again loved them all…
(had to :P …considering I gave him all he liked)

Since I had just arranged the photographs on black mount board… he asked me to make a collage of it… a hard copy :-)

Really missed bhaiyya :-) *hugz*

All in all another great day to cherish!! :D ..

I am soooooooo happpyyy!!!!! \:D/

03 January, 2009

Eve of My dads 60th birthday....

Planning for my dad’s birthday has always been fun. Why, cause’ he already knows that theres a surprise. So now there’s no surprise but a curiosity.. What this time!? :D ..

Well this time as well the surprise is a big time flop coz there’s this hustle and bustle in the house and my dad gets to know it all the time!!.. And now being the 60th birthday… it’s like a regular thing… happens every damn birthday… Beginning of jan the house is crazy!! Also, my dear mom is very close to being worst when it comes to keeping secrets. If I tell her all that we(my bro n i) are planning… the surprise gone already ..and the itsy bitsy curiosity that exists is murdered! =))

So, here’s the plan: *evil grin*

I bought a cake(Swiss cake) and a bunch of flowers(purple orchids and white something.. I dunno what those long white flowers are called ) and a note (a special surprise for a special person) and left it at my best buddy (vaishakhs) place .. he should place it at the doorstep obv at 12.. and ring the family bell(a string of ting ting ting.. like kids do.. yeah we all ring the bell like that!) .. and he should leave . Papa would open the door and tadaaa … surprise :D .

Now all this could be a big time popat, if vaishakh dozes off.. .. then I’ll be going to his place at 12 .. and ringing the bell in the same shitty string!!!! ..

second possibility of a big time popat, if my dad doze off.. OMG.. its next to impossible for a stooopid bell to wake him up from deep sleep!

If all of this goes well..

Once dad gone off to sleep.. I’ll decorate the table with the gifts(musk perfume, parker pen, denim after shave and deo) and candles and cards (I bought 3 cards: dear dad, dear husband, dear friend) and will write “walking down the memory lane” on a black tinted … and arrange old photographs(from 1960’s till today!).. I have chosen around 47 of them ) with a few lines on a black mount board(hopefully .. I haven’t made it yet):

Memories galore, of wonderful yester years

Of pleasant moments of joyous tears

When the olden eyes cast on the cast

It relives memories of a golden past

Walking down the memory lane

The senses’ wake, tingle & chime

& echoes of laughter, smiles of content

Relive another time.

A proud son, A reliable brother, A loving husband, And an exceptional father!

Cherishing memories until next milestone… A Very Happy and a Blessed 60th Birthday!!


Random lines written by me … made sense and added profoundness when my brother reframed it!!! Muuah >:D<

LETS SEE HOW THINGS WORK!! … Photographs and after effects in the next…