Going down the well of hopelessness...

Today, I feel hopeless. I feel irritated and absolutely uncomfortable with myself. I’m fucking moody. I’m screwing up and messing around with time. I‘m finding it really hard to manage everything. I have taken up a few responsibilities in college with are incomplete. I am not yet done with the layout of the house. I haven’t spoken to my school friends for quiet long now. I have met my college friends for even long being in the same city. My friends are fucking annoyed with me. I am not up-to-date with my academics. I feeling terrible coz I’m disappointing one of my fav profs coz of not producing final work. I haven’t chatted casually with my family. I haven’t mailed my brother. Lost touch with my cousins. Lost touch with other good friends online. I have a few chores to do for myself. I had to buy a hard disk and a pen drive. I don’t go out an freak out with my present coll friends. Just because I feel am wasting time inspite of having so many things to do. I had to go for shopping but I don’t have time for that as well. So basically, I’m doing something regularly and am totally busy but I haven’t completed any of my tasks. NOT ONE. ~x(

And sanwiched between these are stupid movies reminding me of my past making me low again. Cant even sulk peacefully coz then i remember that i have to work and i cant waste time on things that i cant do anything about. And these fucking mood swings of mine are making it even more difficult for me to concentrate on anything. I’m annoyingly cranky right now and lack of sleep is making it worse!!I really need to learn how to manage time immediately in like a day or something!! ~x(

*breathes heavily*


IcE MaiDeN said…
aww babes.. its allrite. it happens sometimes. make a list. put on ur fav music n shake a bit. call up someone u havent called for ages. take up any task on tht list randomly. thts wht i do. it helps.

dun worry. everythng works out fine in the end. if it aint fine, it aint the end. :)
Awwww sweetiee... Everything will be alright, just gimme a real tight Taurean Hug now >:D< :P Coz I am ditto :P
mysterious gal said…
awww babes...this happens ....but remember "Nothing is Permanent, This too shall pass"
and i know how it is like and i m like u many a time...so u basically need just one thing ...a tight hug to tell all gonna be fine >:D<
Miss Cynical said…
thanks guys... *hugs to all* .. muuah .. >>:D<< :-*

dunno what happened to me that way.. i just cudnt take it.. :-) .. m oki doki now

@aashi.. tight taurean hug to yu too >>>>>:D<<<<<
R. Ramesh said…
u r not the only one with the disease of procrastination..i am another example and so is one Fida Wild, a wonderful blogger from canada..best wishes.

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