18 October, 2009

:: Blown out of proportion! ::

I’m fat. Not bulky-obese kind of fat, but I weigh way more than what my ideal weight should be (as per height 5’6”).I don’t have a heavy diet I wonder what would I be if I had one. I’ve got a broad frame which apparently makes me look bigger anyways! Ironically, I’m also the smallest in my family (w.r.t age and size.)

So if you can picture me, you would’ve definitely presumed it right that I’m the big one in a group of friends. And when there are guys (all of them) who have a lean figure, I’m the biggest. An absolutely analogous case with thin girls floating in the air around me while I’m rolling with them!

I don’t wear skin tight clothes, I don’t wish for a prince charming, I swear I don’t squish people under me, I don’t dance on their feet nor do I eat their share of food, I just cant understand why the bloody hell would anybody have a problem with what my size is.

Since childhood I’m associated with ‘moti’ (fatty) so much that its my nickname now. After growing up some people changed it to ‘motu’ In Kerala, my cousins call me ‘aana kutti’ (baby elephant) and my brother calls me happy-potamus (origin – hippo/potamus) I love these name! Just because it sounds cute and its not rude. What I don’t like is when the tone is sharp and bitter and the names turn to ‘saand’, ‘saandoba’, ‘hathini’ etc. I fucking hate it when somebody asks me, How come you are so fat man! ( you’ve put on weight is more than enough!) or damn your thighs are so big. I mean seriously, does it really matter/?? .. Am I sitting on you?

I love food. It makes me happy. I have no issues with veggies at all. I love chocolates (white chocolate to be precise), chicken, sweet corn and fruit salad to name a few. I love food way too much to starve and diet. I can exercise but my routines all fucked up. Still to say the least, I do it 3 times a week. I wear clothes that suit my persona and “make” me look thin. I aint the prettiest damsel in town but I do my best to present myself well. I always wish and wonder to lose weight but that never happens. Maybe I haven’t tried good enough but it all begins with giving up on things which I don’t think ‘m ready to do. Its something I’m very well aware of and also, the worst thing to be reminded over and over again!

As far as i know, I too watch my weight, but not as closely as others do!

I’m making one thing pretty clear here, for all those freaking idiots who’s got a problem with my size or anything closely related to that, get the fuck out of my life!

I aint fussy about food, I eat what I like, and I’m a merrier person! That’s all I’d like to know.


Ps : I hate people who are fussy about food and count calories while eating them, worse, tell me how rich the food is!

Pps: I’m seriously jealous of people who are thin and don’t put on weight no matter what they eat! Freaking blessed bastards on earth! *sighs*

06 October, 2009

:: Wakey Wakey Sid Babey ::

Unlike my previous review of the movie ‘Luck by chance’ wherein I narrated the story line my way and got cursed and sworn by people whom I knew and others, I try and present to you the gist of this movie. (catch the word “try”)

These are the few things I liked followed by the once I dint. Once again, catch the word “try” and read at your own risk.

The hangouts/night outs gratifies the youth and their behavior completely in harmony with the elders stance. Common traits in a friend circle or of a family is sucked out and diffused believably. Ranbirs a rich lad owns an amazing house and a credit card that’s swiped more often than it should be! College is fun and for once, there’s a fat girl in a group and she fits in well!

BOMBAY captured at its best. It looks beautiful, feels beautiful and is shown and presented in way that anybody will fall in love with it. One fine-looking city, as smooth as sandpaper! ;)

There are a lot of times when you feel the need to blurt out oh-so-cute! The scenes and frames that earn brownie points are ::

Sid’s t-shirts and ultra cute boxers ;) ,

The interiors of Aisha’s house (the transformation from flat to house *sighs*)

The birthday cake ;)

Kabir – a treat to watch.

Sonia’s timing.

The location and look of the Mumbai beat office.

The cute oh-so-awww cuddle, after they get drunk.

The movie got stretched before and a little after the interval. (and at some point it got boring coz I wasn’t quiet while watching it, I just cant remember which part)

Sid gets the job easy as pie. *rolls eyes*

The ending is similar to that of ‘luck by chance’. *wicked grin*

And Sitting in the 6th row can give you a crick in the neck. :|

The best thing about the movie is that its fresh. And it sort of proves that men are from mars and women from venus. A very regular story, an aptly chosen cast and ample scenes here and there that scores brownie points.After a series of pointless, worthless, hopeless and absolutely senseless movies it’s over-whelming to finally watch a decent flick.

Songs blends with the movie. All hail Shankar-ehsaan-loy and Amit Trivedi(of dev D fame) for the song iktara.

Ik taara ko 5 stars :|

I wont tag this as a must watch but if you’ve subjected yourself to flicks like ‘whats your rashee’, ‘hadippa’, ‘wanted’ etc THEN this one’s a must watch.

Rating 3.5/5 =)

Ps: I hope this one's a better review.

And its really difficult to watch a movie peacefully when you have friends who cannot shut up!... The .5 extra is coz they made it look even more funnier! ;)