:: Blown out of proportion! ::

I’m fat. Not bulky-obese kind of fat, but I weigh way more than what my ideal weight should be (as per height 5’6”).I don’t have a heavy diet I wonder what would I be if I had one. I’ve got a broad frame which apparently makes me look bigger anyways! Ironically, I’m also the smallest in my family (w.r.t age and size.)

So if you can picture me, you would’ve definitely presumed it right that I’m the big one in a group of friends. And when there are guys (all of them) who have a lean figure, I’m the biggest. An absolutely analogous case with thin girls floating in the air around me while I’m rolling with them!

I don’t wear skin tight clothes, I don’t wish for a prince charming, I swear I don’t squish people under me, I don’t dance on their feet nor do I eat their share of food, I just cant understand why the bloody hell would anybody have a problem with what my size is.

Since childhood I’m associated with ‘moti’ (fatty) so much that its my nickname now. After growing up some people changed it to ‘motu’ In Kerala, my cousins call me ‘aana kutti’ (baby elephant) and my brother calls me happy-potamus (origin – hippo/potamus) I love these name! Just because it sounds cute and its not rude. What I don’t like is when the tone is sharp and bitter and the names turn to ‘saand’, ‘saandoba’, ‘hathini’ etc. I fucking hate it when somebody asks me, How come you are so fat man! ( you’ve put on weight is more than enough!) or damn your thighs are so big. I mean seriously, does it really matter/?? .. Am I sitting on you?

I love food. It makes me happy. I have no issues with veggies at all. I love chocolates (white chocolate to be precise), chicken, sweet corn and fruit salad to name a few. I love food way too much to starve and diet. I can exercise but my routines all fucked up. Still to say the least, I do it 3 times a week. I wear clothes that suit my persona and “make” me look thin. I aint the prettiest damsel in town but I do my best to present myself well. I always wish and wonder to lose weight but that never happens. Maybe I haven’t tried good enough but it all begins with giving up on things which I don’t think ‘m ready to do. Its something I’m very well aware of and also, the worst thing to be reminded over and over again!

As far as i know, I too watch my weight, but not as closely as others do!

I’m making one thing pretty clear here, for all those freaking idiots who’s got a problem with my size or anything closely related to that, get the fuck out of my life!

I aint fussy about food, I eat what I like, and I’m a merrier person! That’s all I’d like to know.


Ps : I hate people who are fussy about food and count calories while eating them, worse, tell me how rich the food is!

Pps: I’m seriously jealous of people who are thin and don’t put on weight no matter what they eat! Freaking blessed bastards on earth! *sighs*


You spoke my mind :D

We should meet real soon babe, jaldi wapas aana! You'll feel much better when you meet me :|

I agree 100% with every word you've put up there. But let me tell you one thing. If you don't mention about your size like the way you did, people would be drooling over you just by looking at that FB pic! You look pretty no matter what.

And yeah, I am fat too. I am obese. But I think I still look pretty stylish as compared to the thin logs and skeletons walking on the road.

Such people who are too shallow to perceive anything correctly should really get the fuck out! Atleast you've got the guts to go out. I am into hiding coz I put on a lot of weight while I was in Canada, and I'm not ready to break my friendship with old pals over calling me names coz I no longer take bullshit. I'm the same height as yours,and you would be nothing short of shocked to know my weight right now, after losing 10 kilos in the past year.

I met an old man in an Ashram when I was in Pune. He must be 6 feet tall and weight 170 kilos. A very charming fellow. Once when we were walking together, another old man [who was thin] came up to us and asked him, " Aap itne mote kaise ho gaye? " This uncle asked him back, " Aap yahaan is ashram main kya karne aaye ho?" The man replied "Blood pressure ka problem hai and I got my 2nd heart attack recently. So I am here to heal myself". This uncle replies," Tum mujhe mota keh rahe ho, lekin I have no such problems at all. I can eat what I want, when I want, and I have no BP problems, and there is not a single cut in my heart as compared to all my other friends who have undergone bypass surgery. I pity you coz you have to eat saltless bland food and survive on soups and salads. Oh, by the way it's time for me to go have my complete food now. Have fun with your Raw Thali!" [Raw Thali - Shredded carrots, cabbage, beetroot and radish]

Rashmi said…
OH lord!!!

I so can't tell you how much, how bloody much i could relate with this.

And yes all fuckin bastards should go eat mud, coz they are better off doing that only.

Deep breathing buddy...
ANWESA said…
Chuck those souls n be happy!!!
loved dis post...
sulo badri said…
hi blahs!

i happened to add ur blog sometime back - may be a month - loved it. i dono if i commented b4 - i dont think i did - will try to be a regular here. i read many post of urs -n yeah like you said - readin is more fun 4 me - tht sometimes i keep readin without commentin.. nywy - u had posted something today i gues.. so i thot i wil say my hi - n d post blown out of proportion - i think ur words r blown out - cos seriously wen i see ur profile pic - it doesnt look so - n evn if it did - does it matter as u said - have fun! god bles..

n hpy diwali
Manjari Singh said…
I am not fat but now I now I have put on some weight. I hate it when people ask" arey itni moti kaise ho gayi"

Common its my problem not their.
Sunny said…
Nothing matter what other says.
One should be happy the way they look. IF you are yourself not happy with it then go ahead and change it.
If you are happy with way you look, let the world go for a toss.
We know when times comes for physical strength most essential in Mumbai, we can out perform many leans! ;)
ritika said…
dammm... how could u speak wateva i wanted to tell the world... u r freaking all right.. n i can well understnd how it feels....

afterall i m facing the same prob...
ghoshh...i cant tell u how much i loved dis blog of urs... u wrote so much related to me...!!!!!

evn i hate ppl who keep a chk on my diet...n i love food...
n i cant give up eating...n as u hav mentioned...my routine is too fucked for exercising...

welll...i could go on n on...

cheers..!!!juz blev dat der r lot many facing the same prob as u r ..!!!
Sorcerer said…
its not being fat..its just being wide..
Im sorry err..there are not much appropriate f words in the world.fat being one of em.

thanks for a nice read!
Akansha Agrawal said…
C'mon! you're not fat... look at that pic at the footer of the blog... you look awesome...

People will have a problem with you irrespective of what you do, how you do and why you do :|

Just wandered out here vaise... :)
:: Pearly :: said…
@ ash...

Hehe... facebook pics... all i can say is i love playing with colours, light and camera! :D ...

i know it just gets damn annoying when other bother more than you do about your own self!
:: Pearly :: said…
@ rashmi

:D ... glad you liked it girl!.. cheers! hehe...
:: Pearly :: said…
@ anwesa ...
:D.. thank you! :)

@sulo badri..
hey thanks a lot!... even i prefer reading blogs and yes i understand if your not commenting!.. even i do that... :)
keep visiting! ..
:: Pearly :: said…
@ manjari

Agreed. Absolutely.

@ sunny
if only changing it was as easy as it sounds! :D

i know we are way better than leans anyday! 8)
:: Pearly :: said…
@ Ritika

lol...i know... plenty of us facing the same damn problem!.. hehe..
fat people are cute hai na? :D

thanks a lot for visiting...
I'm glad you liked it! :)
:: Pearly :: said…
@ Sorcerer
I know! ... its just being wide.. its the tendency of putting on weight thats scary! .. hehe..

your welcome! :)

@ akansha
aww.. thanks girl.. :)
Rohan said…
Okay u can be jealous of me, u really should be jealous of me, INFACT i bet my life ur going to be jealous of me:P lol j/k

Brilliant post, totally hillarious, Like age is a number , size is a number too chillax !

Being fat is called being healthy !

Khaavanu , Pivanu, majja ni life

@p@rn@ said…
:) i don't know whether I should comment on this post (since I'm one of the "Freaking blessed bastards on earth")..

But anyway here it goes.. DON"T BOTHER WITH WHAT PEOPLE SAY!!!
They WILL COMMENT no matter what. I think thats what they are there for.

I've got a couple of frnd's who are fat (chubby is the word I like) who LOVE food.. And all I ever tell them is.. Don't diet .. don't give up eating what you love.. Coz then your so called dieting will never work.. Exercise... As long as you are healthy doesn't make a difference whether you're thin or fat. And if you're not healthy what's the use of being Ideal (weight wise)..

Oops.. blabbered too much didn't I.. sorry :)
:: Pearly :: said…
@ rohan...
lucky you! xD

no probs babe... you can blabber your heart out here... after all its blahs-phemy! ;)
liked what you said anyways! ..
take care.. thanks for visiting! :)
Bebo said…

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