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Women's Day, yet again !

Women’s day is not mother’s day. It is neither Valentines Day nor friendships day. It is for the empowerment of women in general and not just the ones at your home. In a country like ours, with a population of 12, 50,000,000, a loose judicial system and severe corruption; instilling discipline and ensuring execution of law is not easy. People are fearless. Laws are overlooked. Criminals walk free - shallow literates and arrogant illiterates. People who raise voices are taken care off. The common man is too busy trying to feed and entertain its own family. Safety for women just remains a concern.

 Let’s assume, just 1/4th of the population (far too less I know), 3,12,500,000  people are involved in crime and in support of crime in a hardcore patriarchal society, where women are put to shame, by men and women alike. When I say put to shame, I mean by the actions of other men and women who cannot wrap their heads around self-sufficient independent able woman in an urban or a rural context…