28 June, 2009

:: Stuck in the head ::

One song, one damn song; stuck in the head for quite a few days now. And not the whole song; just 3 lines from it. Nevertheless its entangled completely with my thoughts. I’m hardly thinking; ‘m quiet, humming, observing, smiling with lips barely displaced leaving slightest of curves on my cheeks...

Ever wondered why songs get stuck in the head? When do they leave? Are you consciously aware of it?

This is the song that’s on my mind. Its a story penned down to the perfect blend of words and sound. I recommend this to all – its definitely worth a listen!


Woke up from dreaming and put on his shoes
Started making his way past two in the morning
He hasn't been sober for days

Leaning out into the breeze
Remembering Sunday he falls to his knees
They had breakfast together
But two eggs don't last like the feeling of what he needs

Now this place is familiar to him
She pulls on his hand with a devilish grin
She led him upstairs, she led him up stairs
Left him dying to get in

Forgive me I’m trying to find
My calling, I’m calling at night
I don’t mean to be a bother
But have you seen this girl?
She’s been running through my dreams
And its driving me crazy it seems
I’m gonna ask her to marry me

Even though she doesn’t believe in love
He’s determined to call her bluff
Who can deny these butterflies
They’re filling his gut

Waking the neighbors
Unfamiliar faces he pleads though he tries
But he’s only denied
Now he’s dying to get inside

Forgive me I’m trying to find
My calling, I’m calling at night
I don’t mean to be a bother
But have you seen this girl?
She’s been running through my dreams
And its driving me crazy it seems
I’m gonna ask her to marry me

The neighbors said she moved away
Funny how it rained all day
I didn’t think much of it then
But it started to all make sense

Oh I can see now
That all of these clouds
Are following me in my desperate endeavor
To find my who ever
Where ever she may be


I'm not coming back
I've done something so terrible
I’m terrified to speak the truth you'd expect that from me
I’m mixed up, I’ll be blunt
Now the rain is just washing you out of my hair
And out of my mind
keeping an eye on the world
So many thousands of feet off the ground
I'm over you now I'm not home in the clouds
Showering over your hair

I guess i'll go home now
I guess i'll go home now
I guess i'll go home now
I guess i'll go home now


(Take a look 'm pretty sure you wont regret.)

I’m trying hard to concentrate with these three lines being played on repeat in my head. I dunno know the lyrics by-heart but I do know that once I know them, the head will hunt for a new song to hang on to! ;)

Meanwhile, this thought is tickling my brain cells and ’m enjoying this state of disturbia!

18 June, 2009

:: Stormed ::

Let go off me.. Stop asking me questions.. yeah I’ll hit the sack as soon as I reach home, WHY DO YOU CARE?.. WE don’t have to do this work; you do if you want and I’ll do if I want.. Don’t ask me stooopid questions… you heard me abusing? so what?l?! If my candor kills you then stay far far away!


I’m blunt, say like a butter knife; if I be used as a weapon; I’ll tear you apart unlike a knife that’ll gash you neatly. A tear would leave a better impact than a gash. . I tend to do things in an uglier fashion. Not intentionally, it’s just a trait.


Last 8 days and now -oh-my-god. I could’ve pulled out my brains and stretched it mindlessly until it resembled an intestine! Why? ‘coz my people are wrecking my mind. My near ones. Dearest.

What do you do when you are in such circumstances? When your phone can’t stop ringing? When he/she gives up and starts buzzing on the landline? When both don’t work, end up freaking the crap outta me turning up at my doorstep? And then listen to them, with voices screaming out loud in your head I WANT ALONE TIME!.. I DON’T CARE WHO’s GOING AROUND WITH WHO.. I KNOW I GOT SUBMISSIONS SO WHAT.. IT DOESN’T MATTER TO ME HOW YOU SPENT EVERY SEC OF THE DAY.. JUST LEAVE ME ALONE. With whom would you share your sorrows now? How would you slaughter this prey? How do you tell the person standing right next to you; who’s busy blabbering something recent that happened; that every vein in your body has bloated and is ready to unleash the blaring voices in your head.

The thought that my already prevailing cranky mood was garnished by my people, was suffocating me. I wanted peace, some alone time of staring at a blank wall or go to some picturesque heaven and close my eyes and breathe or hugging and cuddling around my teddy. I just had to gift myself some quality time that’s all I want; just to give some direction to my volatile thoughts and fury.

A part of it is tackled now.

'm Glad.

03 June, 2009

:: Hobby Lobby ::

Summer vacations have been a snooze fest for me. I always rattle on and make a list of things I want to try a hand on but that enthusiasm never lingers because of authentic reasons obviously (laziness and who’ll-go-shopping-for-the-things-in-this-freaking-heat).

But this time, oh my my *smirks* I actually did something!! I blame my clumsiness for this… last year I broke quite a few things which dint break adequately so I couldn’t wholeheartedly fling them away considering where I bought it from and how much I shelled out. I preserve things till its impossible for me to collect it from the ground.

So finally, Tadaaaa… Welcome to my hobby lobby!

Since I’ve got that thing with readymade table mats.. I thought of making one myself. I bought a few ice cream sticks and stuck them in this fashion. Absolutely effortless and very cheap. Ahh.. childhood memories! ;;)

And yeah, that’s my coffee mug :P


I had bought that bell thingy from National Institute of Design(NID, Ahmedabad) and meant a lot to me but sadly it broke and almost 2 ¼ out of 5 (1 full, ¾, ½) was left. I broke the other two and kept back the full one.

I had a metal belt with butterflies on, very fragile. I should’ve used it as an adornment for the house or curtains, I have no clue whatsoever why I bought it! It dint slide easily through the loops of the jeans and I never wore ultra short tops to show them off :P … Anyways that broke too (had to).

I put the butterflies and bell together to get this. It doesn’t make much sound other than slight jangle of the metals. Nevertheless it’s hung in my room.


We had a beautiful clock which was almost an antique and we were about to throw it when I saw that the glass covering was loose, I sat down and took it off and preserved it till now to do a glass painting on it :D .. This is the 1st time I tried this all by myself. The cat gives a nice impact but technically it’s not at all good… there are air bubbles and the color isn’t spread equally. I screwed up with the liner completely.


Canvas!... This is one disastrous ride… first time I tried and the way I was refurbishing it constantly disappointed me by the end of it… coz I know I could’ve done it better…

The transformation is clearly seen =| .. damn it!.. I’ll be making another one way better than this one for sure =|.. ‘m kinda consoling myself, it being my 1st attempt. =| Mom,dad bro pretty happy with it, but till the time 'm not satisfied no one can make me happy. *sighs* (that canvas is expensive and look how royally i messed it!.. i know if it would've had a darker background, the flower and all would have stood out better.)


And finally, the best acc to me.. pot painting.

Bought terra cotta pots and painted them with acrylic pearl colors. I send the pink one as a gift to my brother via his friend. I hope you get the brains behind it. =|


The second one I thought as a birthday gift for seno but I noticed a slight crack on the ring so would make a bigger one for her! I have used blue, red, gold and white.. other colors that you see are created when they blend with each other. I LOVE colors.

Ps: Seno… will give it to you if/when we meet. Lol… till then I’ll show it off at my place! =D


I had another miniature pot… sadly it broke before I could do anything. I had a concept for that too. Will do a few more of these... since it came out better than others…

This is what I did the summer. I read a few books, thought of writing a review but now 'm sort of lazy.. may be laters! =)

I hope you like it. =)