:: Stormed ::

Let go off me.. Stop asking me questions.. yeah I’ll hit the sack as soon as I reach home, WHY DO YOU CARE?.. WE don’t have to do this work; you do if you want and I’ll do if I want.. Don’t ask me stooopid questions… you heard me abusing? so what?l?! If my candor kills you then stay far far away!


I’m blunt, say like a butter knife; if I be used as a weapon; I’ll tear you apart unlike a knife that’ll gash you neatly. A tear would leave a better impact than a gash. . I tend to do things in an uglier fashion. Not intentionally, it’s just a trait.


Last 8 days and now -oh-my-god. I could’ve pulled out my brains and stretched it mindlessly until it resembled an intestine! Why? ‘coz my people are wrecking my mind. My near ones. Dearest.

What do you do when you are in such circumstances? When your phone can’t stop ringing? When he/she gives up and starts buzzing on the landline? When both don’t work, end up freaking the crap outta me turning up at my doorstep? And then listen to them, with voices screaming out loud in your head I WANT ALONE TIME!.. I DON’T CARE WHO’s GOING AROUND WITH WHO.. I KNOW I GOT SUBMISSIONS SO WHAT.. IT DOESN’T MATTER TO ME HOW YOU SPENT EVERY SEC OF THE DAY.. JUST LEAVE ME ALONE. With whom would you share your sorrows now? How would you slaughter this prey? How do you tell the person standing right next to you; who’s busy blabbering something recent that happened; that every vein in your body has bloated and is ready to unleash the blaring voices in your head.

The thought that my already prevailing cranky mood was garnished by my people, was suffocating me. I wanted peace, some alone time of staring at a blank wall or go to some picturesque heaven and close my eyes and breathe or hugging and cuddling around my teddy. I just had to gift myself some quality time that’s all I want; just to give some direction to my volatile thoughts and fury.

A part of it is tackled now.

'm Glad.


J said…
Your post reminds me of a recent blog post I wanted to write, entitled 'My Space'

et voilà.. here's your post.

I know I know how it feels. And trust me, staying away from ones dearest doesn't change anything at all.
Rahul Viswanath said…
After reading this piece " I am Stormed " ....... ;-)
IcE MaiDeN said…
group hug!!! ....

Lotsa Luv,

P.S: "Stormed" hell yeah!!
Miss Sunshine said…
it was funny to read :P

nonetheless.. great that u lashed out :P

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