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The Believer

The last I saw him, my last day of vacation at Kerala 2013, while saying our routine goodbyes, he hugged and gave me a peck on the cheek. Two minutes later, at the foot of the gate, he waved me a happy goodbye, chuckled and blew a flying kiss. This is an emotion most people who know him, won’t be able to relate to. Towards the end of his ninety years the strict Ex-Royal Navy persona changed into a happy proud childlike grandfather.
He was regimented, and had incredible respect for time. He was an avid reader, traveller, spiritual more than religious and a knowledge enthusiast. He was up-to-date in terms of general knowledge, technology [though he wasn’t well acquainted with how to use them, he knew what existed] and respected education and culture more than anything else. He wore kadhar, all white, starched and ironed. He always had a French beard, well kept, and white too. Even at 91, he made sure that he presented himself well at all times. To top it all, he owned an interesting ran…