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Go Die !

I stand at the edge now. Giving up all I have, or maybe the ‘nothing’ that I’ve achieved. People whom I know and otherwise have their fingers pointing towards me making weird gestures. What a chaos! My mind’s thinking too loud for me to even listen to their pleas. All I can hear is my heart beating in my head, loud and clear. Why are they even concerned about me? Do I owe them anything? I have done enough wrongs and I cannot take this shit anymore. I hate my life. There’s nothing right that’s happening and I know I’m a burden to my parents. Look at these people begging to me right now.. Should I give up my life? I guess ..

To witness a suicide is an experience in itself. I saw one today and I was cold for hours. A girl standing on the parapet of a 7-storey high building, facing towards the entrance of the terrace only to see people screaming, begging and pleading not to jump.
I was unquestionably disturbed by the sight. I had the feeling of my head going totally numb, mouth dry and way …