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Chasing Dreams :: My Bucket List

Red :: Hobbies || Ochre :: Charity || Yellow:: Adventure || Green :: Family || Blue :: Art || Purple :: Life || Pink :: Architecture || Orange :: Music and Movies || Black :: Yet to discover.


I love the idea of chasing dreams. Its like a game of treasure hunt or hide and seek. You know its all around you; you just got to look for it.
I love fairy tales. I always wanted and wished one fairy tale life for myself. Not anymore. There’s a practical world out there. There’s competition. There’s vigor. There’s terror. There’s death. And If there’s any kind of character that I want, I cannot keep dreaming about it, I have to forge myself into it. And this thought brings sheer self confidence and a slight hope in me.The thrill of doing something you always dreamed of; the sense of glory on achieving something when no-one but you believed in yourself; certain thoughts, notions, ideas, hobbies, that your parents don’t understand; the rebellious way of seeking answers or que…