Chasing Dreams :: My Bucket List

Red :: Hobbies || Ochre :: Charity || Yellow:: Adventure || Green :: Family || Blue :: Art || Purple :: Life || Pink :: Architecture || Orange :: Music and Movies || Black :: Yet to discover.


I love the idea of chasing dreams. Its like a game of treasure hunt or hide and seek. You know its all around you; you just got to look for it.

I love fairy tales. I always wanted and wished one fairy tale life for myself. Not anymore. There’s a practical world out there. There’s competition. There’s vigor. There’s terror. There’s death. And If there’s any kind of character that I want, I cannot keep dreaming about it, I have to forge myself into it. And this thought brings sheer self confidence and a slight hope in me.

The thrill of doing something you always dreamed of; the sense of glory on achieving something when no-one but you believed in yourself; certain thoughts, notions, ideas, hobbies, that your parents don’t understand; the rebellious way of seeking answers or questioning the authority; the pleasure of finding something absolutely priceless after all the trouble, seems worth all this play!

I believe,

The more you chase, the more you experience

The more you experience, the more you learn

More you learn, more the memories..

I would love to go down the memory lane and feel glorious of what I’ve achieved!

It sounds like I’m old already and ‘m going to die tomorrow but nevertheless, this is my bucket list of things I want to do before I die. =P =D

  • Travel the world thrice atleast – Alone, With parents, With my love. (then kids may be)
  • Learn foreign languages and Experience various cultures and cuisines.
  • Learn to play guitar.
  • Learn how to swim.
  • Learn to play lawn tennis.
  • Learn how to ride a bike.
  • Learn how to drive a car.
  • Experience Scuba diving, sky diving, bungee jumping, free fall, rock climbing, Para-gliding and rock climbing. (WooooHooooo … )
  • Have an incredible music and movie collection.
  • Have an amazing book collection... library sort of thing at home with books to die for.
  • Be 100% eco friendly. [Go green]
  • Take care of a child and provide him/her with complete education.(Padega india toh badega india! 8))
  • Give my big bro a house that he desires. (That’s not an easy one; he needs an indoor sports complex, a golf court, and many more weird luxuries likewise! =|)
  • Give up non veg and support Peta. ( I still do, but non veg =/)
  • Be a philanthropist.
  • Give mom and dad all luxuries in life.
  • Have a gallery of my works, pot paintings, glass paintings, wall hangings, junk jewelry, canvas paintings etc – a mini store may be.
  • Meet all my online friends at least once [The kingdom] and other close ones. =)
  • Pursue home decoration.
  • Have an exhibition displaying my works (canvas) and sell them!
  • Be a successful architect.
  • Want to write in magazines (architectural, of course), be a critic.
  • Perform as a vocalist in front of a huge crowd.
  • Buy a soft toy which is as big as me. xD (no partner, no problem!)
  • Try a hand on set designing.
  • Get into a shape that I desire. ("I desire" is the key word! :D)
  • Have a happy family with doggies. (including doggies =)) =)) ..sheesh bizarre! )
  • Know atleast three dance forms well and the rest basics. ( obv that demands for a partner who dances or a partner who wouldn’t mind me dancing with other men. :D)
  • Fall in love with the right guy.
  • Have a happily ever after life, breathtakingly romantic. *dreams..grasps..smirks*

Its about time I start living “my life” by my quotes.

PS :: I might add a few more to these the minute I discover the black ones!


Get a tattoo done (atleast one before marriage and another one after) xD


IcE MaiDeN said…
AWESOMEEE!!!! loved it!!!!
i wanna do sm of d thngs on dat list toooo!!!! esp d last two :)

mohit said…
cool ideas..
u know, I'm kinda inspired by that ... maybe I need a similar list too

btw... luurve the library-at-home idea , and all the ones that involve me having shitloads of money !
Petey said…
Love the list. It's a lot to accomplish, but I'm sure you'll get it all done.

I have one of my own that I haven't looked at in a long while - I'll take this as a good reminder to focus on the things I want to get done and (of course!) the person I'm trying to become by the end of it all.
CoFfEe AnGeL said…
hmmm...We seem to have a lot of things in common :) bucket list wise at least.
Keep faith in your dreams and they wil come true eventually... :o) Just keep them in sight...
Anu, you can decorate my house when you take up home design!
@ annie.. Thanks girl! >:D<

@ mohit.. yeah it kinda works to realize how many things you got to do in life! .. =)

@ petey..I'm pretty much curious and awaiting you list..considering your interests in varied things! =)
@ angel hoping and praying! =)

@ rahul
bachpan se =P =)
J said…
That's a nice little list. Yep, always help to dream big but feet firmly planted on the ground.

Like it's said.. may the force be with you to achieve all that you want.
Aw.S.M said…
Thats one loonngg cool list. But on the bright side..if u start NOW u should be able to get all of that done but giving up non-veg will automatically classify u as a TRAITOR!! ;-)

Oh and i ve been wanting to learn to swim too. Hmmm..i m quite sure now this is going to set me thinking of my own list of things to do.

So go ahead live life by your own quotes

Random return-blog hopping ;-)

sajith viswam said…


BrownPhantom said…
Most ppl just put up the wish-list. What I liked here is that you first gave a fantastic introduction about chasing the dreams . This list looked different from others after that :).
@ ash itna confidence! =|

@ J .. aye aye sir!

@ amith..swimming freaks me out.. thats why that's there in the list! =|
anyways.. keep visiting..
cheers! =)

@ sajith!
cheers! =D

brownphantom thank you.
'M glad you liked it.. :)

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