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55 Fiction

I stood there, with no scope of movement. “Did you do it?” he asked.“I guess” she said.“Guesses? They barely work for me girl!”“It was difficult, I tried but..”A bullet passed through her chest. Blood splattered. She lay cold. He stared at the cold body and turned.

Death waited for me.

PS: My very first attempt @ 55 Fiction !

ATAJ Journalism Trophy (My entry)

CHANGING TIDES OF AN ARCHITECTURAL ERA (In PROPOSITION to the topic: Do all things urban have to be ugly too?)

Suffice to say, it is set in the future that Earth will be overcrowded and there’ll be no room to move. May be, the cities on our planet Earth would grow so much they would merge to create one big planet- sized city! With the ever hiking population crisis that we (the world) are facing, growth as a city, in terms of infrastructure and services becomes very critical. The revolution has started already. Overcrowding of cities has forced the planners to look beneath the land, beyond the shores and deep into the sky for space. Technology has facilitated them to exhaust this space and in turn, on a broader perspective, they’ve provided us with a junkyard of skyscrapers and convoluted stretches of transport ways.

Zoom into the city and take a walk down the main street; you’d see a story repeat on most of the main streets. Loud hoardings trying to grab attention; extremely congested ro…

Independent I be !~

I am not a patriot. I am not proudly claiming this fact but I have a feeling that I am not. The feeling can change. Given a choice, to die for the nation, I don’t think I would. I would love to see my nation as the world’s best. I don’t know how far I would contribute for it.Because I’ve never understood the whims and fancies of being number one, I’ve always believed in being unique and that, as a nation, we already are. I am not corrupt. Not yet. I don’t think I would be. It takes too much of planning and plotting and lying for things that has to be done in a crooked way – I can’t. I am way too lazy. I prefer doing things for a cleaner and safer neighborhood than a richer glitzy me. From a professional point of view, I think I am an Earth person.
I love the rich colors in our flag and the deeper meaning of it. I love our national anthem. I love it even more when shubha mudgal sings it. Also, the medley, they play before the movies (though I’ve always wondered why they play it then.)

I l…

Brain Farts!!

When somebody quotes something and writes their name below it, how do they know that they are the only people to write that? Its words and thought for Pete’s sake!

Let’s assume God existed. They lived and preached looooooooooooong back. Jesus in Jerusalem, Allah in the middle east, Zeus, Athena and others in Greece and rome, Gurunanak in India and another hundred Hindu gods in the rest of the India and world. How come they never met or came across each other? Why doesn’t any of the religious scripts say Zeus met gurunanakji and decided a rendezvous with other gods and aftermath they came down to a conclusion that they all think alike and are the mighty mighty ones to spread the word to us humans!?

I have got a dog and a cat in college who doesn’t give each other the benefit of being enemies and worse, lick and scratch each other if its itching!! Also, there are days the dog starves. I always wonder why isn’t the dog tempted to eat the cat the second it casts it eyes on it! Wouldn’t th…

That nameless feeling!

As far as possible, if am not in my “Mc World”, I’m alert and sentient of what’s happening around me and can very conveniently name everything I feel. Confusion is a state of being for me, but at the end of the day, I know I am decisive, even though slow, I do figure things for myself. Off lately, my head is neurotically challenged. Impatient, apprehensive, cranky, lost, pensive, always. Almost anybody can be at the receiving end, no sympathies whatsoever. I’m emotionally confused, conscience overriding the sub conscience. I can’t explain it. It’s some kind of a strange pattern, where just for the sake of being, ‘m clinging on to a feeling I’m comfortable with. Putting the troublesome at the back of my head, but for how long...

I always wanted it. Didn’t know when, dint know who, but I always knew why. Somewhere deep down I knew it would change my life. For the better or worse, I don’t know. Nevertheless, I’m willing to take a risk. I dream and plan, and dream some more, only to be hit…


I observe people. I might be spotted shamelessly staring at both the sexes in a way that would make them uncomfortable and of course, make me deliver an absofreakinglutely awkward smile when I realize what I’ve been doing. It is very difficult to generalize a topic so cosmic especially when every statement that follows has a contradicting specimen running in your head. Since I’m more of a personality over looks kinda person, I present to you qualities, actions, expressions and gestures in men, not necessarily ‘a’ type that fall into a certain age group but an assortment of things that give a faint smile or to say the least, please the mind, things i like to come across while observing men. Simple things they do, that knowingly or unknowingly showers them with all the attention they don't grasp!

MEN are cool.There is a certain level of chilled, laid back attitude in the way they talk, walk, respond to things even though they think and analyze pretty quick. They might be dirty frea…

Go Die !

I stand at the edge now. Giving up all I have, or maybe the ‘nothing’ that I’ve achieved. People whom I know and otherwise have their fingers pointing towards me making weird gestures. What a chaos! My mind’s thinking too loud for me to even listen to their pleas. All I can hear is my heart beating in my head, loud and clear. Why are they even concerned about me? Do I owe them anything? I have done enough wrongs and I cannot take this shit anymore. I hate my life. There’s nothing right that’s happening and I know I’m a burden to my parents. Look at these people begging to me right now.. Should I give up my life? I guess ..

To witness a suicide is an experience in itself. I saw one today and I was cold for hours. A girl standing on the parapet of a 7-storey high building, facing towards the entrance of the terrace only to see people screaming, begging and pleading not to jump.
I was unquestionably disturbed by the sight. I had the feeling of my head going totally numb, mouth dry and way …