Brain Farts!!

When somebody quotes something and writes their name below it, how do they know that they are the only people to write that? Its words and thought for Pete’s sake!

Let’s assume God existed. They lived and preached looooooooooooong back. Jesus in Jerusalem, Allah in the middle east, Zeus, Athena and others in Greece and rome, Gurunanak in India and another hundred Hindu gods in the rest of the India and world. How come they never met or came across each other? Why doesn’t any of the religious scripts say Zeus met gurunanakji and decided a rendezvous with other gods and aftermath they came down to a conclusion that they all think alike and are the mighty mighty ones to spread the word to us humans!?

I have got a dog and a cat in college who doesn’t give each other the benefit of being enemies and worse, lick and scratch each other if its itching!! Also, there are days the dog starves. I always wonder why isn’t the dog tempted to eat the cat the second it casts it eyes on it! Wouldn’t that be normal?

Why are 18 and 21 given so much importance as numbers? What exactly happens on an 18thbirthday? Do you get screwed by wisdom? I wasn't, just curious if others were!

Can only an elephant work for peanuts?

Do birds get bored of doing the same thing? How does a bird feel when it sees an airplane flying next to it? Do woodpeckers get a headache?

Why do people say ‘falling in love’? Do they know that they are falling right in the beginning?

Why is it ALWAYS that its much more easier to concentrate on what you are doodling or thinking when a lecture is on? ALWAYS, when the lecture is on!

Mind feels light, feels good. Period.


sulo badri said…
great farting!!! he hee... quite a few would have thought what you thought but to be able to write all that up at the same time is a good one... loved the humour :)
Nikhil Menon said…
Did you mean that mind felt light after you released soo many facts into thin air? :O Go get some sleep,sometime.. It should help.. :P

Kidding! :D

oRange* said…
Hahaha! Seriously! I totally agree!
:: Pearly :: said…
@ sulo...

thanks buddy! had to get something out of my head! ;)
:: Pearly :: said…
@ nikhil..
thats exactly what i meant! :)

@ orange..
cheers! :)

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