23 February, 2009

The Golden 8


Neatly plausible movie. Critical Outbursts. Soundtrack – magnum opus. Worldwide appreciation. Artistically adapted screenplay. An out-of-the-box treat for viewers. A clear sweep at OSCARS. A pleased Indian.

Mighty A R Rehman does it again. Royally.

:: PS :: Wall-E won the best animation flick. ^J^ . Had to.

Best actor in a supporting role to Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight). Well merited.

R.I.P Amen.

Also, I feel A R Rehman has always been associated with his eloquent music, his better implacable music being in Bombay and Roja. Just that this time, it was acknowledged worldwide. Thanks to the firang director. ;)

19 February, 2009

Here's more about me :P

Since everybody is tagging everybody :P .. i accept this
tag from seno, ashii, nabs, apoorva, annie and all others
who did. :)

I AM : just another soul trying to make it big in life. Nothing special.
I THINK : about the consequences a lot before committing the ‘crime’.
I KNOW : I am fucking cranky.
I WANT : to learn how to manage time. Desparately.
I HAVE : incredible skills in procrastinating and day dreaming. ;;)
I WISH : for world peace. \ /
I HATE : way too many things to list. I can post it as a new blog, its that long.
I MISS : talking to a person whom I consider very dear.
I FEAR : getting stuck with a sad life, sadder career and an even sadder partner. LOL
I HEAR : my stomach grumbling when I am hungry. (it’s kinda cute :P)
I SMELL : almost everything very accurately. I have a sharp nose. b-)
I CRAVE : for pani puri, cotton candy’s, and white chocolate. *drool*
I SEARCH : and never find my things whenever I'm in a hurry. =))
I WONDER : how, i wonder why, yesterday you told me 'bout the blue blue sky, And all that I can see is just a yellow lemon tree.. :D /)
I REGRET : wasting my time quite often.
I LOVE : Billie joe Armstrong. *gasps* mwwahh!!
I ACHE : my back coz of my wrong posture.
I WAS NOT : a girl that everyone would love hanging around. I am still the same. I make it really uncomfortable for other people if I don’t like them!
I AM NOT : a Greek Goddess. ;-)
I CRY : like a baby once I start. It doesnt happen that often though.
I BELIEVE : in my morals, my heart, myself.
I DANCE : in my room alone like a fire cracker. LOL
I SING : pretty decent. Good actually.
I READ: the signs wrong.
I DON’T ALWAYS : wish for a fairy tale life ;-)
I FIGHT : if someone misbehaves or talks crap with my parents, my brother, the people whom I consider dear friends and who’d mess with me. I am not the one who’ll keep quiet and take shit from others. I am a bull when I am infuriated.
I WRITE : poetry more often than I thought I could.
I WIN : bets when I have nothing at stake. =))
I LOSE : my stuff quite often, anything - from money to stationary.
I NEVER : flirt. I cannot. I am not interested. Always.
I ALWAYS : bless people when they sneeze.
I CONFUSE : between hrithik roshan and Harman baweja. Either of them should get a surgery, done hopefully the latter.
I LISTEN : to the crap said by the voices in my head.
I CAN BE USUALLY FOUND : in the center of my room with a bunch of sheets and rough models around.
I AM SCARED : of LIZARDS (any reptile for that matter). Freaks the crap outta me.
I NEED : to lose weight w/o taking much efforts.. i wonder how.. but I somehow expect that so happen. :D
I AM HAPPY : usually when I observe little things in life.
I IMAGINE : a lot. Even worse I expect them to be true. Someday I gonna be hit by reality big time. [I know it but I still cant stop imagining]

Thats it. Anybody who's willing to carry it forward go ahead.
Cheers \m/

14 February, 2009

:: Valentine's Grrr ::

Another celebration

It’s strange the worlds occupied

With activities that live and die

Tension and stress now decide

The worth of our own line

Blinded by the media

Into a marionette couple

In this world of hysteria

Days eclipses people

A day for grandparents

Or for the beloved

Sister Brother and parents

Or the ones dreamt and loved

Finding reasons to celebrate

And mounting value of such days

We Overlook and decorate

These pompous special days

But now we are,

Blinded by the media

Into a marionette couple

In this world of hysteria

Where days eclipses people.

I really dont understand celebrating and dedicating just one day to a person that probably means the most to you. Cheers to all folks who do!!~