The Golden 8


Neatly plausible movie. Critical Outbursts. Soundtrack – magnum opus. Worldwide appreciation. Artistically adapted screenplay. An out-of-the-box treat for viewers. A clear sweep at OSCARS. A pleased Indian.

Mighty A R Rehman does it again. Royally.

:: PS :: Wall-E won the best animation flick. ^J^ . Had to.

Best actor in a supporting role to Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight). Well merited.

R.I.P Amen.

Also, I feel A R Rehman has always been associated with his eloquent music, his better implacable music being in Bombay and Roja. Just that this time, it was acknowledged worldwide. Thanks to the firang director. ;)


Riya said…
Ya.. A r Rehman created some really great music.. I am really a proud indian today.. He was just born to make music i guess.. His music is really a treat to ears.. Brilliant.. Just awesome.. Itts a magical moment.. Truely magical..
IcE MaiDeN said…
hey grl, theres an argument outthere on my blog abt the same topic. latest post, comments me. too long to post here, bt i wud love to hear ur opinion. :)

n yes, JAI HO!!!!
Petey said…
I was quite pleased with the Oscars as well (even if they're grossly political). Slumdog definitely deserved it.
Closeguy said…
Indeed..such a proud moment for all of us..felt soo good hearing INDIA from that podium..:)
Pesto Sauce said…
I saw Slumdog today only

You are right...its only a work of firang, thats why global recognition

Going by these standards Rahman should have won 20 Oscars for Rangeela
Rahul Viswanath said…
Jai Hooooooooooooooo AR !!! :)
Vijayshryaln said…
Yup. Hats offff to ARR!!!!! changed every 2 sing JAI HO instead of JAYE HE!!!!!!!
Yeh. did you see Alicia Keys say A.R Rahaman before she opened the cover for best score?
aZoed said…
A. R. Rahman deserved every bit of the applause that he's been getting, what if it wasn't his best work ever... you can only get as good as the competition!
Dream'R said…
Slumdog was nice..but oscar worthy?? i dunno!!..any idea y movies like Batman never win best film??..was easily the best movie of the year!!

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