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Suffice to say, its set in the future, Earth is over-crowded, and there’s no room to move. Maybe the cities on the planet have grown so much that they’ve merged into one big, planet-sized, city.
With the ever hiking population crisis that we (the world) are facing, growth as a city, in terms of infrastructure and services becomes very critical.The revolution has started already. Overcrowding of cities has forced the planners to look beneath the land. For instance, the New Amsterdam city that’s going to be constructed beneath the existing one. One whole city under the ground!! [How low can it get?]The area crisis is coercing the planners to dig deeper and also, escalate vertically and beyond. I’m sure in future, technology will reach to such an opti-mum that we would erect something floating in the air too! Unbelievable Science, you see!Our existing skyline would look nothing less than an artistic mockery of national integration! People would be commuting comfortably from crown to crown…