26 April, 2009


Suffice to say, its set in the future, Earth is over-crowded, and there’s no room to move. Maybe the cities on the planet have grown so much that they’ve merged into one big, planet-sized, city.

With the ever hiking population crisis that we (the world) are facing, growth as a city, in terms of infrastructure and services becomes very critical.

The revolution has started already. Overcrowding of cities has forced the planners to look beneath the land. For instance, the New Amsterdam city that’s going to be constructed beneath the existing one. One whole city under the ground!! [How low can it get?]

The area crisis is coercing the planners to dig deeper and also, escalate vertically and beyond. I’m sure in future, technology will reach to such an opti-

mum that we would erect something floating in the air too! Unbelievable Science, you see!

Our existing skyline would look nothing less than an artistic mockery of national integration! People would be commuting comfortably from crown to crown; monorails would pass right through the front of your 75th floor exotica! Cities would be congested and grossly suffocating to dwell. And now that people have started digging the ground, in no time will we be residing above and under water as well.

Bridges will branch into new roadways and make way for a new city above water. On the other hand, new companies, hotels, universities, etc will be built underwater. And so would villas of

famous personalities, coz they either live on hills a.k.a top of the world [in future may be literally!] or now, underwater. It would undoubtedly add to their glam-quotient.

Overseas trade won’t exist. Ships, docks, harbors all erratic. Fisheries would face the heat too. People will be fishing sitting at their homes, from their lovely balconies admiring a beautiful city floating above water! What an exhilarating view! [The closest you can reach to nature, how cool is that?!]

Monkeys will prefer swimming and so would cats, dogs and elephants. Wildlife won’t subsist. Considering the situations, by then we’ll all learn how to live together! Marine life?... well, if people have fish tanks in their houses, there’s a chance. The man with a golden heart would have a soft corner for sharks and whales. Birds, one specie that can do what they have been doing. They would be awarded brand new homes –the concrete jungles.

Politics! Oh my God, politics. It would be as complicated and insensitive as the city’s layout!!

Terrorism will be considered a boon. A superlative device for population control.

Aquariums would be replaced by artificial jungles [who’d need aquariums anyways.. mere waste of space!] with precisely 10 trees and the walls with scenic illusionary paintings. Pay 10,000/- and get 10 minutes of fresh air!! Brreeaaatthheee

It says: "In memory of man 2000000 BC - AD 2030

He who once dominated the earth destroyed it - with his wastes , his poison andd his own numbers."

Peace \/