Eve of My dads 60th birthday....

Planning for my dad’s birthday has always been fun. Why, cause’ he already knows that theres a surprise. So now there’s no surprise but a curiosity.. What this time!? :D ..

Well this time as well the surprise is a big time flop coz there’s this hustle and bustle in the house and my dad gets to know it all the time!!.. And now being the 60th birthday… it’s like a regular thing… happens every damn birthday… Beginning of jan the house is crazy!! Also, my dear mom is very close to being worst when it comes to keeping secrets. If I tell her all that we(my bro n i) are planning… the surprise gone already ..and the itsy bitsy curiosity that exists is murdered! =))

So, here’s the plan: *evil grin*

I bought a cake(Swiss cake) and a bunch of flowers(purple orchids and white something.. I dunno what those long white flowers are called ) and a note (a special surprise for a special person) and left it at my best buddy (vaishakhs) place .. he should place it at the doorstep obv at 12.. and ring the family bell(a string of ting ting ting.. like kids do.. yeah we all ring the bell like that!) .. and he should leave . Papa would open the door and tadaaa … surprise :D .

Now all this could be a big time popat, if vaishakh dozes off.. .. then I’ll be going to his place at 12 .. and ringing the bell in the same shitty string!!!! ..

second possibility of a big time popat, if my dad doze off.. OMG.. its next to impossible for a stooopid bell to wake him up from deep sleep!

If all of this goes well..

Once dad gone off to sleep.. I’ll decorate the table with the gifts(musk perfume, parker pen, denim after shave and deo) and candles and cards (I bought 3 cards: dear dad, dear husband, dear friend) and will write “walking down the memory lane” on a black tinted … and arrange old photographs(from 1960’s till today!).. I have chosen around 47 of them ) with a few lines on a black mount board(hopefully .. I haven’t made it yet):

Memories galore, of wonderful yester years

Of pleasant moments of joyous tears

When the olden eyes cast on the cast

It relives memories of a golden past

Walking down the memory lane

The senses’ wake, tingle & chime

& echoes of laughter, smiles of content

Relive another time.

A proud son, A reliable brother, A loving husband, And an exceptional father!

Cherishing memories until next milestone… A Very Happy and a Blessed 60th Birthday!!


Random lines written by me … made sense and added profoundness when my brother reframed it!!! Muuah >:D<

LETS SEE HOW THINGS WORK!! … Photographs and after effects in the next…


mysterious gal said…
wow babes u write as well plan so beautifully ..... all the best with the plans
Miss Cynical said…
thank you so much nabs .. >:D< muaah :-)

i wanna post the next blog with photos.. but somethings wrong with the blogger.com!! grr..
IcE MaiDeN said…
hey this is too good. hope ur dad enjoyed his bday throughly... :)
Priyanka Khot said…
Hey Anu,

Really nice kiddo! I am so proud of you. Wish your dad from my side too.. and I am waiting to see his reactions in the next post :D
Miss Cynical said…
@ annie... yes he did :-) >:D<

@ thank you priii >:D<

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