After having an utterly stressful week at college… I thought of taking a break and going for a movie after god-knows ages, the last movie being Rock-ON!!! !! .. So departing totally tired and lifeless from college I went for the noon show. We decided upon watching LuckByChance. Farhan Akhtar playing the lead role, we expected him to be as natural as he was in the previous movie and to my surprise it was. Actually this movie should’ve been named as rock on 2!! The first movie was musical and the next exceedingly dramatic and OBVIOUS!! It’s the same Farhan, no change in character this was a mere sequel!

The story goes like this. The first 45 mins of the movie is interestingly stoopid and not at all well executed. They try(real bad) to mock whatever happens behind the screens and how people sweet talk and bitch about the ones they hate. A bunch of A grade actors’ are swapped constantly between frames and each ones character, an utter hyperbole. I really don’t know whether this twaddle is for real or the bollywood is truly this thick or all of it was over embellished but it really was making me cranky and restless. This nonsense was stretched to the utmost that you’ll pull your hair down (in my case.. had a great time shouting sarcastically funny comments with friends entertaining ourself and others!!)

Anyways, a very ambitious struggler(!), Vikram(Farhan) from delhi lands in Mumbai to become a star (predictable!!).. next his friends are shown related to the same field in different aspects and advices/ criticizes/ feels jealous (typical drama that happens between friends) of him. Their neighbor(konkana) another struggler(!!!) keeps doing side roles and in time gets really close with vikram(after a coulpe of days they both go to the supermarket together and a day after that sleeps next to each other.. :P). Anyways shes got high hopes of becoming a superstar one day. The man who always gives her hopes for the same cheats her and she ends up giving vikrams photographs to him hoping if not for her he might come across a role for him. Hell yeah he does!!! He gets the lead role in a movie along with a new actress niki (isha) and they get along really well during the shoot and again flirts and sleeps with her. On the other hand, konkana deems she n him are together! (OMG.. whatever happens to bollywood! By this time I was actually ~x( )Later they write crap about them in the magazines and that creates tension between a lot of people.

In the end, Vikram realizes what he’s doing (coz he comes across shah rukh who tells him that no matter how famous or how badly stardom hits you, you should never forget the people who knew you when you were nothing!.. Thanks shah rukh we really needed that for the movie to come to an end!), apologizes to konkana who forgives but doesn’t get back with him. She gets into the TV soaps and an actress(perfect).. and the movie end with that. Frankly speaking the last 45 mins of the movie was good.

Songs will make you cry :( OMG! (excepting one though)!.. S-E-L disappointing, Farhan, Konkana, Hrithik, Blah Blah Blah disappointing.

All in all a painful dissatifaction and a sheer waste of money!

I rate this a 1.5 on 5.



aZoed said…
I guess you told the whole story!!! :(
Why did I read this??? :) Spoiler all the way...:)
Miss Cynical said…
lol...i believe i saved you from watching the movie! .. that movie is traumatic!!
Anonymous said…
Wow, so that means you didn't like Rock On either?

I actually loved both these movies...
Miss Cynical said…
rock on had good music, good cast, a not-so-stretched story line(though i found the movie a lil slow in b/w but bearable) and i loved it.. i came out grinning n rated it a 4.5

But this one.. ppl were attempting to be funny and the movie was VERY predictable.

I really dunno whether it was my mood, but I really wanted that movie to make me happy, sadly it dint :(

ps: i LOVE farhan Akhtar :)
Anonymous said…
I guess, your name has gotta do something about this "cynical".

To quote from my comment someplace else: I found it another piece of genious from Farhan Akhtar but surprisingly, this time, its her sister who excels. I loved the movie, most of all the downright honest portrayl of characters where its pretty clear that you can't classify anyone into good or bad. Every one is a shade of grey which is what real people are all about. And the subtle humour which was actually hilarious (remember the scene where all superstars are refusing the movie - that was too good).

Right from the beginning credits to the end, the movie was engrossing, sweet and real.

But I have to say, Farhan as Vikram Jaisingh was not really upto it. I mean, I'm a great fan of Farhan but there is something about him which says he's not a mainstream commercial hero, but that's exactly what he strives to be in the movie. That's why I found him a little... understated as the New Star.

The first half was an amusing roller coaster with loads of fun and surprises. But I thought the second half could've been a little more interesting. No complains however.

Zoya got it spot on - this is an excellent piece of film making, with the maker's heart at the right place.
Miss Cynical said…
Hey Rakesh,

The auditioning of the actors was the only funny part.. [acc to me]

About shades of grey, its over-acted by the actors and exaggerated. Did you actually like rishi and sanjay kapoors acting.. Do you think hrithik would actually speak the way he spoke to the dir.. i mean.. i like movies which are real than mere reels.. the more the natural, the better [again my personal choice as a viewer.. no offense :)].. i liked the beginning but i feel it was dragged too much.

I could just sit and guess what the next scene would be.. that predictable!! It was a regular story.. thankfully the only thing that surprised me was, in the end they werent together! hehe..

Anu :)
Anonymous said…
Sure sure, absolutely No offense. I'm curious how could an opinion about a movie be offensive to someone else :P unless its slumdog he he...

Cheers *hic* (last night's wine is still alive)
Anand said…
1.5?? Damn..
Im contemplating if I shud go..
damn damn damn.
I guess I will. Lookin for a bakra to sponser for me now.Lol.
I liked ur review.
Ill visit u again.
ANand. :-)
gargi said…
omg Anu,
i LOVED the movie!!!... dunno y u didnt like it :(
i enjoyed it!
i wouldnt mind watching it again and i wouldnt mind spending more on it :p
anyways.. tke care..mwah!!
Miss Cynical said…
@rakesh: :-)

@ anand: lol.. yea look for a bakra.. there are many ppl who liked it.. so yu never know! ;)

@ gargi: i dunno y .. i just dint like it!! .. :D
>:D< :-*
mysterious gal said…
i totally agree....i mean it was so utter boring and we both were like why isnt it ending:P

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