Love You, Daddy

So, finally i can post in this. wasn't allowing me to do the same!
*Thank you seno!!.. love ya*

Surprise at 12...a huge success … coz the family bell gave him a feeling that bhai had come
(it kinda pinched me at that time.. coz ob v bhai cant come down from US... that would've completely flabbergasted him... *sighs* ..just showed how much he missed bhai :-))

Cake cutting ceremony and bhaiyya’s call…
*Delightful treat* (the cake was yummmm)

Dad slept.. set the alarm
at 4.30 (normal wake up time for him)

Took a green file card and penned the golden lines

I dint have any of my stationary with me… I was working on a grp submsn at my frnds place left all my stuff there…
all I had was a red marker, a few sad sketch pens so I thought of working with eye liner pencils and lip liners ;-)

This took time .. so I changed the alarm to
5.30 :D … LOL

Made a frame like thing out of thermocol and painted it with eye/lip liners.

Arranged the table with all the stuff… and golden net dupatta.

Again changed the alarm
to 6 .. =))

At 5.45 .. I lit the candles, took photographs and hit the sack…

At 9.30, I was woken up by dad and he said he loved it all esp the fact that I managed all by myself and gave me a peck :-) …
(can’t tell you guys how proud hw I felt for getting appreciated like that!! my chest swelled with content) *gulp.. sounds weird but who cares!.. _|_ LOL*

He had tears in his eyes.. when he read the cards, the poem, in the candle lights..
(memories *sighs*)

After that, he was just looking at those photos and talking about them.. each one randomly
(I So wanted that to happen!! ... Cherishing one year at a time.. from 1960 ... )

Opened the gifts and again loved them all…
(had to :P …considering I gave him all he liked)

Since I had just arranged the photographs on black mount board… he asked me to make a collage of it… a hard copy :-)

Really missed bhaiyya :-) *hugz*

All in all another great day to cherish!! :D ..

I am soooooooo happpyyy!!!!! \:D/


^_^ SENO ^_^ said…
Am sure your dad must be so proud of you :)

Yu are an amazing daughter !!

My only regret, I cudn't do anything like this:| watver !!

so kewl u made it so goooooood :d

and alarm thingy was ROFL=))
WOW Anu...
First of all, Wishing your Dad a very happy 60th Bday :)

Secondly, all the work and resource utilisation done by you was fantastic!

And it all looks so beautiful <3

Your dad is rightly proud to have such a wonderful daughter :)

Great Work!
I saw the pic just now, on the top, and I must say your Dad does not look 60!! He looks so young!
Tanu Anand said…
i am welling up! wow! :) inspiring!
Miss Cynical said…
@ seno.. thank yu sweets..
the alarm thing i know... my poor dad dint even realize that he got up so late!! lol..

@ aashii.. thanks for ur appreciation aashi.. my dad should read these comments.. he'd be on cloud 9 .. haha.. *thanks to the dye* .. sorry dad, ur secrets out lmao

@ heyy tanu... thank yu very much!! :-) .. its always nice to see random ppl commenting! :-) *hugz*
sulo badri said…
i suppose you hav got a wonderful plannin blood ;)

grt! am sure ur dad wd have been the happiest :)))) belated wishes!!!
ritika said…
cherished bday for him.....

v all love surprises ,, dont we...??
n dat too from his own daughter ... he s lucky..


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