On weddings and smiles

I believe in love marriages, not that all of them work, but its got an edge when you know what you are falling into. And at least for a split second in your life you are the happiest.

Weddings are supposed to be for merry making. That’s why you invite people, to join and share your happiness. I wonder ‘the delight’ is ever shared in mallu marriages (hindu - haven’t been a spectator to others yet). It seems as if ‘m being subjected to high order of a practical joke.

If I elaborate shortly ( :| lazy as I can be), well, a day before the wedding the groom’s sister come to the brides place and adorns her with a few heavy gold bangles and gives her a set of clothes to be worn the next day. The house is full of relatives (which is the only part I like, relatives you know, dont know, should know, you think you know, EVERYBODY!) and then we move on to dinner. What’s there for dinner is somehow more imperative and, surprisingly, is what that is talked about aftermath. Ah, how can I miss, the photographers’ the most vital member of the event, coz he’s the one who takes a call on almost every gesticulation. *sighs*

Next day, THE big day, since morning you are adhering exactly what the photographer’s saying and aiding him to make you look like God knows what on earth. I fail to find an element to compare!

Anyways. So, a big hall, a stage. The Hall’s chock-a-block no matter how big it is. More or less 50 people on stage hopping, jumping, fiddling, fumbling, falling, running. Excluding photographers, pandit, and other video people who are shouting, pulling, shifting, clicking, directing, and blocking the crowd’s view with their wonderful back profiles. Bride, groom very serious. No smiles. Bride soaks the sweat in a tissue, P.O.P shouldn’t fall off or may be get drenched away. The Crowd, noisier than 10 mumbai locals put together plus 4 irritated bus conductors and 10 archana puran singh collectively. The music playing in the backdrop barely audible. Nobody knows when the marriage happens. Then, a few(thousand) more photos and lunch and another party there after. (party = more eating, nothing else, we mallus just call it ‘party’) :D

I wish there could be more sensitivity in what the bride and groom feels. Two lovers, officially uniting and hoping for a happily ever after. Something that they might have planned and executed a million times in their heads and finally after an eternity its materializing. It takes a lot for things to happen exactly the way we want. But frankly, its only the hogging segment people seem to be interested in. The other things don’t capture their level of interest.

Which is why I like the next video oh-so-much. I’ve watched it countless times and smiled through the whole video every single time. EVERY SINGLE TIME. I even danced for two hours on the same damn song! :P

Happy smiling for the next 5 minutes. Best part the entry of the bride and bridegroom. =)

Hope you like it. *smiles*

I LOVE IT! *grins*

ps: This post is simple blabbering... and random thoughts that knocked on my head! As random as it sounds.


sonali said…
loved it...video was so sweet, i wish i have the same kind of wedding!!
nice post woman...
:: Pearly :: said…
@ sonali...

thanks girl..
even i want a fun wedding ..!!!!
glad you liked it.. :)
Zeba said…
i am waiting for the video to load!! slow internet irritated me!! n u r so right in the post. sometimes i worry tht i might just not have the time or energy to ENJOY my own wedding!!
VISHNU said…
its not only the mallus..
indian marriages= more eating..
will u believe if i say there are marriages which have stopped bcoz the food wasnt gud??
if u want ur wedding to be the way u like it.. well it cant happen in india..
neways nice post.. am followin..
jinu kurien said…
Hey Anu,

Nice one !!!

Mallus obviously believe in humility. They will wear the same clothes (mundu & white shirt or no shirt for the boys & kasavu sarees for the women), eat the same food (ella sadhya) that is a part of an average 'special' day even on the mostest 'special' wedding day.

Some innovation could do !!!
@p@rn@ said…
I LOVE this video...... Saw it first a couple of months back.. smiled all through the video.. that whole day was a happy happy day.. and even now every time I see that video.. or even hear that song I just s*m*i*l*e :)

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