Heyy folks …happy New Year!!...

Well I’m having hell of a time here at home with kittu, hobbi, pooh and brandy in my room… and then would be having dinner with my mom and dad and would be watching some awards that happening on star one (sajid khans hosting it..so its veeerryy funny!)

Yeah my new years at home… and its gonna be like any other day with my snow white teddy- kittu, my darling doggy brandy(soft toy again), hobbi the tiger(do I need to mention it’s a soft toy? :P) and and my ten year old teddy pooh… hes just say 15/15 cms… shrunk twice its size after I washed it nicely! :) . I mean I prefer spending time this way rather than with an uncomfortable group of ‘friends’(I have met the biggest grp of “fake it till you make it” kinda ppl this batch at college!) and faking it. (All close ones either having family get-together or are partying outside!! And if at all I get a chance to go outside like in a pub or something… trust me I would be the most uncomfortable jerk EVER! )

Well at home it used to be fun… our family friends used to come over and it used to be so much fun… dad and uncle getting drunk… going out in the streets past midnight shouting woo hoo... typical drunkards lol… This was like a 3-4 yrs back… but now they’ve moved to another country… my brothers in a different country… so its mom dad and me. And I dunno why, I aint that good at merry making with mom and dad alone! Chit chatting and stuff –fine.. but merry making - weird. I sometimes feel I aint that good a daughter… sad thing to confess on new years I know but will try to work on it.

And thankfully by Gods grace, I mean it, ONLY BY GODS GRACE the new year programs that used to be conducted in the society has come to an end after last year’s party! OMG… they used to suck royalllllly!! I mean it… real sad. Strictly-no dance(except for some chillars hopping on the stage), ONLY singing (too many singers..no musicians..no instrument so we all (yes you read right.. WE all K) used to sound awful and the spectators clap till their hands go red! *raised eyebrows* C’mon whom are they kidding… we all know it sucks okay…!!! So, as I said, THANK GOD THAT’S OVER!

So now, I have quite a big to-do list that includes submissions and other stuff at home. Here it goes (in the order of preference) :

  • . Have to get a nice gift for papa… his 60th birthday on 4th of jan… ‘m planning to give him a collage with a poem(written by me) and a bunch of photographs… old memories! Plus a perfume (MUSK)… he wouldn’t mind if I gift him a perfume everyday! ;-) and a beautiful card. Mamma has planned to keep a puja in the morning.

  • . Finish off with the rough layout of the plan of the villa that we are planning to construct in Kerala… I so want to do it… My parents might be living there in future and I just want them to flaunt that this house is done by their daughter. A matter of pride you see!! I want to gift a neat layout to dad on the budday!!
  • . Write poems for my tour Diary (grp) submission… we are giving a completely poetic diary and working our ass off on it coz we want it to be worth keeping in the library b-)… ambitious I know but you know what… its gonna be there soon! ;-)

  • History … have to start reading… want to give a great presentation by the end of jan but that would require regular reading… so basically I need a lot of time to do that. Topic: Urbanisation from the pre historic times!

  • . Have to launch PICAGRAM in January… so have to work on that!

  • BTech sheets (3 still remaining)… Services (a few sheets to complete the port folio) … Survey notes… ID case studys!!... something in Bmat(dunno what)… AD church submission (will take a few weeks)… ALL UNDER ONE COZ THESE THINGS I HAVE TO MULTI TASK AND DO ON A REGULAR BASIS!!... GREAT SCHEDULE AYE! :-D lol…jans gonna be hectic!!!!

  • Would be jotting down my resolutions in the next post!..


I earned a scholarship for myself… price money: a little less that 18 grands! Never felt so proud of myself! :-)



CH33RS!!~ ;-)


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