I sit alone and wonder
about the things that makes me ponder
'bout the people from whom I learn
how to remain calm and tactiturn
'bout what makes me sensitive and mime
and the hardest nut at the same time
'bout what I believe, dream and seek
for something, that gives me hope and faith,
even though the chances are bleak
'bout feelings that should remain deep inside
which wont be given much importance if let outside
'bout love and its consequences
its distance, boundaries and fences
'bout giving up and letting go
neglecting the feelings that would make me low
or 'bout fighting for what might have a chance
for it to flourish and enhance
And about what makes me different
Different, from infinite souls that fret
Different, in some way that makes me proud
Different, from being a dot in the crowd.


^_^ SENO ^_^ said…
Aww! :) ...I loved d last 3 lines!!

Keep Blogging Mwah!!
Miss Cynical said…
thank you so much.. :-)


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