I am not just a simile.

Or like a metaphor should be.

I’m not just a few alliterations,

Or Rhythmic rhyming confessions!

I am divine, I am profound,

Thought emotions and sound.

It aint strange you relate to me,

It’s the common man that jots me down.

When I’m given human quality,

You say I’m personified.

Do human have qualities,

That it’s worth being dignified!?

Thy Lord wrote blank verse,

Hardly people understand.

The jingles are way much fun,

Aint it fun to rhyme?

Everybody’s a poet,

There’s a speck of my element in all.

That is why when you rhyme by mistake,

“we dint even know it” comes along!

All you need is an experience,

And a heart to pen one down.

I’m just a cluster of words,

Dispersed to make some sound!


Hey Anu,

Loved your blog, you write very well!
Nice poem!

Keep up the good work!
Miss Cynical said…
thanks ashii :-)

Priyanka Khot said…
hey anu nice penmanship!!!

I liked the poem v much!
Miss Cynical said…
thank yu prii..

A comment like this, that too coming from you, means a lot to me!!! :-)


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