My New Year's Resolutions:

1. Learn a few dance forms… basics atleast… salsa, jive, ball room dancing waltz may be.

2. GIVE UP ON JUNK… esp vada pav, and anything with pav… no pizza… no fries (burger occasionally.. when out for study tours; lays once in a while.)

3. Learn how to swim. (glob…glob ..glob)

4. Don’t care to back answer or completely ignore the people whom you don’t like and who bitch about you.

5. Make at least one classic canvas painting.

6. Solve one Sudoku each day.

7. Spend the scholarship money sensibly… 15 grands to dad n mom… rest 2.7.. DO NOT WASTE ON CRAPPY STUFF.

8. Look into the mirror and smile at least twice a day., no matter how bad the day is or how bad the smiles gonna be!

9. Take up less responsibility in college. Don’t screw up academics.

10. Try to loose weight and look better!

11. Do not fight for everybody’s tiffin during breaks… rembr: You are TRYING to loose weight.

12. Shop for clothes sensibly... dont buy clothes that you wish you'd fit into!

13. Stop buying excess of accessories

14. Every day give at least one hour for yourself.

15. Vent frustration on the right people not on friends… Do Not take them for granted!

16. Punch one guy this year! (weird one I know.. but I so want to do it.)

17. Drink but NEVER get drunk!!...

18. Try reading at least 5 good books this year!

19. Do not waste time talking to stoooopid and worthless people.

20. Be content and work for better. NO CRIBBING.

21. Try not to loose your cool at home.

22. Don’t try to do something that you are not. Don’t get carried away by college ambiance . BE YOURSELF.

23. Stick to your morals… rembr people like you for what you are.

24. Work with dedication this year.. 3rd yr is crucial.

25. Look the best for your last teenage birthday this year!.. Five months …Rock them!

26. Try lawn tennis once.

27. Exercise atleast twice a week.

28. Do not DIET. Do not give up things that you love to eat. NEVER DO IT!!

29. Read the english version of bhagavat gita given by MOM. Not that interested. But do it for her.

30. Get a grip on the temper... basically all emotions!

The RED ones are really easy to follow.. coz i do them already!!.. wanna continue doing them!! the others ..lets see... next year by this time... i'l be striking off what i did!! :D ;-)


Seno said…
First of all rawking resolutions !! :-D =d>

Punch one guy this year! (weird one I know.. but I so want to do it.)

LMAO!=)) mayb i need to add that to mine too =))
Happy new year
Miss Cynical said…
thank you ladies ;-)

Anonymous said…
Happy New year!
And I LOVE your resolutions! I wish I could be so clear about myself...
Btw, way to go - punching a guy is fun ;) Let me know how that goes
Anonymous said…
31. To remember all said. ;)
Wishing rocking 2009.
Miss Cynical said…
@ meenaxi ... thank you babes.. even i want to try punching a guy.. n i feel the lucky guy is in my class itself!! lol.. annoying souls!

@HOBO... ;-) same to yu .. ch33rs!

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