Break Update!!~

I wont be blogging for a while. I'm too busy finishing my submissions, drawings and models. Biased opinions, no value of work put in, loadsa efforts no outcome, Lack of sleep or no sleep at all is making me cranky on a regular basis. The same reason, I was off blogger from the past many days.

I thought I’ll vent my frustration here, but somehow I changed my mind.

I’d be off blogger till April end; till my exams terminate.

Will come here on n off and read stuff..

Till then,

Have fun

Happy blogging!



Prabha said…
Anu sweetheart, u deserve this break . Dont over stress yourself and DIE lol okies??

ANd ur shout box aint working :|
good luck 4 examz
take care
Come back soon :) Muahhh...

And don't you be all cranky!
Rahul Viswanath said…
Take a healthy break & bounce back soon ............
BIG Omi said…
All the best Gal..

Bye bye birdie !! :P
Zeba Talkhani said…
Ohhhh. I sure know what you mean by all the subbmissions. My roommate is a second year architect and it is very reare that we both sleep off at night. She seems to have lots of model making and submissions and jury n stuff. It seems as though I am doing both journalism AND architecture!! You must be done with everything now. Good luck nevertheless..

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