17 December, 2010

55 Fiction

I stood there, with no scope of movement.

“Did you do it?” he asked.

“I guess” she said.

“Guesses? They barely work for me girl!”

“It was difficult, I tried but..”

A bullet passed through her chest. Blood splattered. She lay cold. He stared at the cold body and turned.

Death waited for me.

PS: My very first attempt @ 55 Fiction !


Utkarsh said...

keep goin..

Satans Darling™ said...

Good work babe :) but I got a little confused? "her" and "I" are the same person right? I am sorry :P Call me dumb :P

:: Pearly :: said...

i and her are different people! :D

CRD said...

good job. ive wanted to try something like this. maybe i'll give it a try one of these days..

Do visit mine..


phatichar said...

An 'out-of-body' experience this?? :)

Nice..could be interpreted in several ways. My confusion is not with 'I' and 'her', it's more with 'I' and the 'he' in the end. I guess that's confusing. But nonetheless..great effort. Kudos. :)